– Rumors credited to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter claim that Global Force Wrestling and POP TV have agreed to a new a television contract running through 2018. The current deal was set to expire at the end of the year. Neither side has confirmed the report.

– There have been rumors of live event for the company in the midwest sometime in the fall. Chicago is one of the cities that have been talked about.

– Reno Scum has not been seen on Impact Wrestling since Adam Thornstowe suffered a torn bicep back in April. They are starting to schedule bookings so unless they are done with the company you can expect them back when they film again in November.

– Global Force Wrestling announced that they will soon launch Global Wrestling Network, their own over-the-top streaming service which will be available worldwide on iOS, Android and GlobalWrestlingNetwork.com.. The platform will have the Impact Wrestling episodes available for free as well as other features.

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