In what may be a production mistake on the latest edition of This Week in WWE on WWE Network, an image is shown on screen of the Money in the Bank Match with Kalisto added in. Currently, The Lucha Dragons are facing the Dudleys on the preshow. So unless there is a last-minute change it seems like a faux pas. But it could have been in the works .

There are reports being attributed to The Wrestling Observer that WWE has reached out to Rey Mysterio, Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy, Stevie Richards , MVP, Carlito have all been contacted about returning for the brand split. Keep in mind, this just means they been contacted it doesn’t mean that they said yes.

One past name that will not be returning anytime soon is WWE 2K 17 preorder bonus athlete Goldberg who posted this on social media:

Goldberg has since been released from hospital. He was kept overnight after having a bad run in with a chainsaw. The former WCW and WWE World Heavyweight Champion is now at home and on crutches. has an article with WWE Hall of Famer Sunny saying that she is 90 days sober thanks to WWE who reportedly has paid for the last two months at an estimated $80,000 for the original diva.She is very grateful to WWE for their help as she feels in the best shape of her life.

WWE publicly stated a few years ago that they would no longer be extending the offer for WWE sponsored rehab considering her repeated behavior. So if this is true it would be a change in direction for the company.

Sunny has had quite the trouble with DUI arrests the last few years. At one point having four DUIs in one month. At her most recent court hearing the WWE Hall of Famer stated that she would go into a holistic rehab to get sober. Sunny says she’s finally done with alcohol and is still open to working in the porn industry. You can read the full story by going here

Gorilla Flicks, the production company behind Swerved on WWE Network has an interview looking at behind-the-scenes of doing the show with Barry Smoler

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