– The Hardys have retained legal representation and have rejected any attempt at a settlement with Anthem Media over the claim of ownership of the “Broken Universe”. Anthem sources remain adamant that Matt Hardy was not the sole creator of the trademarks of “Broken” Matt and continue to seek a settlement where that material would be licensed to the Hardys with the idea that if/when the Hardys take it and make money with it elsewhere, Anthem will profit from a percentage of that revenue.

– Matt and Jeff contract with ROH are short term believed to run to the 4/1 Supercard of Honor show but both sides are open to doing additional dates.

– WWE and the brothers have had contact. A WWE source indicated that the word within the company is that it’s a matter of when, not if the brothers return. A major issue that has to be worked out would be scheduling.

Source PWInsider.com

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