Here is an update on WWE Hall of Famer Harley Race. The former King of the WWF did not break his hip like originally thought. Instead, when Harley had a fall he did damage to his spine. X-rays and MRIs revealed a cyst had developed on his spinal column which was causing the pain in his leg. Race had surgery to remove the cyst on Monday and is doing well now. He is still in the hospital recuperating and receiving therapy, if you want to send well wishes, they can be sent to Harley Race c/o St Joseph Hospital 300 First Capitol Rd St Charles MO 63301.

The YouShoot with former WWE star Evan Bourne a.k.a. Matt Sydal is tonight on WWN Live tonight at 8 PM Eastern

Stone Cold Steve Austin gave his tribute to recently released timekeeper and WWE production member Mark Yeaton:

On his Unleashed podcast, Stone Cold goes to the phone lines and answers fan questions. You can find that episode here.

E! Television released the following trailer for season three of the Total Divas which will begin airing September 7 at 9 PM:

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