by Jason Burke


So Hell In a Cell was upon us once again. One HIAC match featured the feud of the year, as two young upstarts in Rollins and Ambrose entered into their heated blow-off match with much back-story. The other match was one we’ve seen what feels like a million times before, as John Cena and Randy Orton were inserted into the HIAC with no real reason, other than that the WWE wants us to believe these guys are a legendary rivalry. What looked on paper like a one match card, wound up being a pleasant surprise. Lets dive right in…


Zigger vs. Cesaro- IC title- 2 out of 3 falls


This was, as expected, an excellent match. They started off mat wrestling amateur style, then evolved into a series of great counters and high impact blows. The good news was that the crowd was way into this, and Cesaro made the crowd cheer with a ton of sick, powerful counters as Ziggler sold like only he can. The bad news is that this only went two falls. For no good reason I can understand, Ziggler pinned Cesaro twice in a row, cutting the match shorter than it should have been and halting Cesaro’s momentum once again. Great match, horrible ending.


Brie Bella vs. Nikki Bella- Loser is the winner’s slave for a month


Ok, so I’m not gonna crucify the Bellas here. The crowd didn’t care about this and neither did I, but in its defense, it was quick, and could have been a lot worse. Nothing TOO horrible here, considering both are bad actors and marginal wrestlers. Of course, the heel (Nikki) wins.


Goldust/Stardust vs. The Usos- Tag Team Titles


This was one of the pleasant surprises of the show. The ‘Dusts characters are pretty stupid and don’t seem to be evolving, and the Usos haven’t been given much to do in these past few months. But uncreative booking aside, this match was very athletic and fun to watch. Nothing that will re-define tag team wrestling here, just 4 hard working guys and a few false finishes. The Dust Brothers retain.


Cena vs. Orton- Hell in a Cell #1 Contenders Match


Again, I don’t want to pile on with the crowd. I didn’t care for this match at all, in fact it was incredibly weak for a HIAC contest. With that said, nobody wanted to see these two face off yet AGAIN, and nobody over the age of 10 seems to care what they do. Orton did get over because of the RKO internet memes though, and had a couple of sweet RKO counters in this one. But the cage added absolutely nothing to the match, and the “hardcore” spots were very weak. They tried hard, as always, but not my cup of tea. Cena wins: surprise, surprise.

Sheamus vs. The Miz- US Title


My friend’s WWE network feed went out on this one and came back just at the end of the match. Not a big loss for me, I didn’t even go back to re-watch it. Sandow was all I missed. Sheamus wins.


Big Show vs. Rusev


This was another pleasant surprise, and actually was my third favorite match of the night. Rusev showed good psychology in working over Show’s leg, and Show sold it well. Rusev suplexing the Big Show was a really cool sight to see, and his agility was on display throughout the match. Strong win for Rusev with the Accolade. I’m still not totally sold on him, but he has a ton of potential.


AJ vs. Paige- Divas Title


Another solid match in their series. This feud has under whelmed me a bit compared to my in-ring expectations, but this match and their match at Summerslam were very good. Hard-hitting and innovative action in this one, although it was too short for my tastes. AJ wins, in what seems like their final match for now.


Rollins vs. Ambrose- Hell in a Cell


This was easily my match of the night. Everything just worked here. From starting on top of the cage, to Ambrose taking out the “new stooges”, to the big double-table bump. The crowd was hot, the atmosphere was intense, and the offense was great. Both guys used the cage well, and unlike the other HIAC match, the cage and weapons added a lot to the match. The only thing I didn’t care for was the finish, where a hologram appeared after the lights went out. Wyatt returned, attacking Ambrose, and giving Rollins the win. For this not to end clean, and to end so weirdly in a blow off match, took away from it. But even with a bad ending, Rollins gets another big win and Wyatt/Ambrose should be an amazing feud. Kudos to WWE for putting them in the main event spotlight.


-Jason Burke

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