Happy New Year everyone. I hope you had a safe and happy bringing in of 2015. Last night on The Wrestling Niche, the guys give their predictions for the wrestling business. And I thought I do the same in writing form. Now, do I expect any of these will happen this year? Hell no. But if anything close to these were to happen, I would be a happy wrestling nerd. Let’s get started with something I think is the most plausible of all my scenarios.

It’s no secret that NXT has become Internet darling of WWE’s epic empire. With names from all over the independent scene now converging at the very smart Full Sail crowd it shows that when wrestling is treated with care the old tricks still work. That leads me to my first prediction of expansion of NXT.

Since the brand split ended 2012, WWE’s main roster has been spread thin. Not just on television, but on live events as well. Most guys are point double duty which leads to greater fatigue and the incidence of injury and in today’s product you can afford that. The Internet has wanted a second brand once again but what they fail to realize is one already exists.
So what I hope happens in 2015 is NXT officially becomes WWE’s second touring crew and have live events over the country and the world. This would serve multiple purposes. Not only would give developmental talents more experience in front of bigger crowds working on gimmicks that will get them to the main roster help get the NXT experience outside of the small confines of NXT Arena. And this would help the main roster as well, giving them more time to rest if need be and help alleviate the crazy touring schedule that those men and women go through on a weekly basis. Plus, it would generate more goodwill for company and possibly get more people to buy the network to watch NXT. Who knows if the NXT brand does well on live events Vince would incorporate more of what makes that brand special into the modern WWE product. The chairman can deny crowd chants but he can’t deny gate receipts. I know that Triple H has said that plans are the in the works to expand touring for NXT so looks like we’ll see this sooner rather than later. To what extent it will be seen.

WWE Network projects should also be an investment for WWE going into 2015. I would like to see the documentary offerings in regards to series expand because I think that’s where the medium shines and really gives fans more bang for the buck. Some things I would like to see include an interview show looking at super fans, a behind-the-scenes look at the production of Monday Night Raw including the creative process or showcase spotlights on certain personalities as they venture out into the Real World. Imagine a show where you follow Jerry Lawler as he makes his rounds on a comic convention circuit . Something that showcases personalities is what wrestling used to do and has lost sight of in recent years. You feel connected to a personality once you understand who that person is and what they like.

TNA and ROH are kind of wheelhouse for me. I think both will have strong years as TNA will become more of a picture on Destination America and ROH will continue to grow their traditional pay-per-view business. Both I think have serious management troubles has a relates to marketing and brand awareness. ROH has a better grasp of who they are as a company whereas TNA still seems to be struggling with their company identity almost acting like a business going through puberty constantly for the last twelve years.

Honestly, I think 2015 should be the year that Dixie Carter moves from TNA President to company spokesman. From what I’ve seen the few years she is the biggest detriment to that company’s success. Say what you want to about storylines but I think if TNA had someone with some clear vision and not pipe dreams as Ms. Carter seems to. I think the company would be a strong number two in the US. The talent is phenomenal, their work has been standing the company just needs someone to really understand how to bring the business more into the mainstream marketplace than ever before. I think without this, the company will continue to struggle more than ever before. And if I’m a creative in TNA I would experiment with television episodes creating different formats and seeing what works for the audience going forward. Now’s your chance to break some eggs and get a little messy. Watch old ECW from 93 to 95 and you will get what I mean.

I really hope Sinclair invests more into the ROH product going into 2015 in production and marketing. It took them a long time to really expand the merchandise. Given the live event schedule. I always want the guys to be able to make as much money as possible to support themselves and their families. Now it’s time for more backing from Sinclair they have been backers of ROH for almost 4 years and I think it’s time to really understand and maximize their investment. Otherwise, what are you really doing.

As for other things in the wrestling world here’s hoping that things like Chikara will get some sort of television exposure in 2015. It’s pretty cool that they’re going over to the UK soon. Alternatives sprang up all over the place in 2014. But I can see it happening for Chikara this year. Parents are always looking for promotions to introduce the kids to the world of professional wrestling and Chikara is definitely they gateway drug for your kids as it has bright colors wackiness and amazing continuity all rolled into one. On the flipside of the coin, I can see something like California’s Hoodslam come to adult swim. I think you will see a lot more niche products make their way to television . Much like AMC did the television wrestling will become more and more niche on smaller networks.

I hope you enjoyed this rambling of your’s truly. I have many different ideas for weekly features on the website that I want to try. We are really going to delve more into the culture of Pro wrestling more than ever before. I’m going to give you my idea of things you should watch and how to make wrestling a better place. Overall, I hope you are willing to go on this journey with me. I will see you next time.

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