– Yesterday we had mentioned that Alberto El Patron had officially signed a deal with Impact Wrestling this week but would be missing this week’s Impact tapings due to independent bookings. Alberto has pulled from his indy bookings and now will only miss Thursday’s taping but will be there for the rest.

– Impact Wrestling (formerly TNA) admitted before the U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Virginia that the company indeed breached their deal with former production company Audience of One Productions, LLC and that their Repayment Agreement with AO1 was a “valid and enforceable” contract in a filing on 4/14.

As part of that admission, Impact Wrestling agreed that the remaining balance they owed AO1 would be paid immediately, plus interest. Impact agreed to pay AO1 $336,602. The court officially closed the lawsuit yesterday with prejudice, which means that as long as AO1 is paid in full, they could not bring new claims against the company.

Audience of One’s lawsuit, filed in September 2016, claimed that TNA’s Chief Financial Officer Dean Broadhead and Impact Ventures worked to get them on board under the false pretense of using them full-time as Impact’s production company, only to then fail to pay them in a timely fashion for work done, requiring the set up of an agreed upon payment plan. According to the lawsuit, Impact allegedly stopped paying after the first initial payment installment was made. Impact admitted to that breach in court.

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