– The big news surrounding Impact Wrestling is that they have sent a cease and desist to the Hardys, Ring of Honor and PPV distributors regarding Matt and Jeff Hardy appearing on PPV as the “broken characters” which led to the ROH PPV being yanked by DISH Network and led to ROH having a more toned down version of the Hardys on the show.

Anthem Media sent the cease and desist after Matt filed a trademark for “Broken Matt Hardy”. Impact does not plan on using the “Broken Universe” going forward this is their way of trying to be compensated for the Hardys taking it elsewhere, especially if they land in WWE. So, the strategy is to put pressure on the Hardys to sign a deal where Anthem gets paid a percentage for the continued use of the “Broken Universe”.

– MJ Jenkins, who worked the Impact tapings, took a 22 hour bus ride to get to the tapings. When Impact officials found out what Jenkins did to take the booking, they paid for her flight home. There’s been talk of signing her to a full-time deal.

– Scott D’Amore’s official title is Vice President of International Development. He is officially signed with the company and will also be working on the creative team. D’Amore was responsible for the Pro Wrestling NOAH partnership.

– Impact will be taping in Mumbai, India on 5/30 and 5/31. That deal was finalized last week and was one the company has had to lock in as part of their TV deal with Sony Six. An announcement from the company today stated, “Discussions are now underway with local sponsors and promotions to launch a new show featuring local talent in association with the IMPACT Wrestling roster to be filmed in India commencing as early as Q4 2017.” So, they are looking at doing another incarnation of a Ring Ka King style series, likely under a different title.

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