HighSpots Wrestling Network has added IWA Deep South to their growing list of content streaming on the network.

So far the only content from the promotion on the service are the First Annual Softcore Cup from last July in the Lawrenceburg, Tennessee and “10 Years of Carnage ” documentary about the promotion’s beginning.

The Highspots Wrestling Network, which is available on Roku streaming devices, also features original Highspots.com content which including the complete run of the Kevin Steen show (featuring current WWE star Kevin Owens interviewing his then-fellow independent wrestling stars), Best Friends, Hitting the HighSpots, Wake Up with Cliff Compton, ECW fan cams, shoot interviews and $5 Wrestling.

The service gives you access to “The Marquee” series which features footage From Southwest Championship Wrestling, Big Time Wrestling out of Detroit, Hawaii and Quebec territories and more. You can also stream their Harley Race, Dynamite Kid and NWA championship documentaries as part of the subscription as well.

You can try the service for seven days free right now and can check it out by clicking here.

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