Jim Ross wrote a new blog on his website giving his thoughts on his Wrestle Kingdom 9 broadcast partner Matt Striker:

Very pleased that Jeff hired Matt Striker to work with me on the NJPW Jan 4 extravaganza. Matt is highly intelligent and a true fan of the pro wrestling business and I’m confident that we will mesh well on the live broadcast and will do our best to provide the fans the information and emotion that is required to have a strong broadcast. Again, the event is about the wrestlers who make the music and Matt and I will provide the proper lyrics. I fully expect for you to hear a somewhat different type of TV presentation from us than perhaps you are accustomed to in North America…I did not say better but merely different. Our approach to this broadcast is not new but it will be to many younger fans but will well remembered by the long term fans. Matt was on a very short list of talented people GFW looked to sign for that gig.

Ross also announced that TNA President Dixie Carter will be his first guest in 2015. That should be an interesting conversation to say the least.