On a recent blog, Jim Ross wrote about country music superstar Toby Keith’s offer to buy TNA.

“More unsettling rumors rolling out of Nashville regarding the financial health of TNA Impact Wrestling. Apparently a new investor or buyer is at play for the struggling company. Without significant, live event revenue and a viable, PPV component in the revenue mix it will not be surprising to hear of any pro wrestling company being in financial peril. I hope that the eventual fate of TNA is much different than those within the company and others close to the matter are saying. Nonetheless, it is somewhat obvious that the next few months are going to be crucial in determining the future of the company.

As I’ve said before, it may be best for the company to re-brand themselves and move on from the public perception that the brand currently has in the marketplace. New name..new philosophy..new approach to their presentation based on the talents that they have to work with on a regular basis.

My Oklahoma friend Toby Keith had a legit interest in buying TNA in the past and he and I discussed my potential involvement of which I was interested working with Toby. He was ready to write a check but he had to have full control with no restrictions regarding creative, etc and that was not on the table.”

Of course, Dixie Carter wanted to keep control of the company so that deal never happened.

He also mentioned Steve Austin, who mentioned on his own podcast this week that he worked at WrestleMania with a torn rotator cuff:

“Steve Austin will likely be getting his torn rotator cuff attended to soon. Steve did the brief but memorable appearance at Wrestlemania Texas with the injury and his first punch to Rusev finished the complete tear. Steve outlines that experience on his recent Podcast, The Steve Austin Show on @PodcastOne.”

Jim Ross also discusses being inducted in the NWA Hall of Fame, New Japan on AXS and more.

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