Robbie Walker, son of the legendary “Mr. Wrestling II” Johnny Walker, gave an update on his father who just had surgery and is currently in the ICU. On Facebook, he wrote

“Thank you everyone so much for your thoughts and prayers. The doctor came out of surgery and explained that everything went extremely well and couldn’t have gone any better. Dad is in the ICU recovery for the next few days and should have him up and moving soon. As you may or may not know, an aneurysm on the aorta is a ticking time bomb and could rupture at any minute. He now has dodged a second bullet with this one, as this is the second one for him. Mom is really watching over him and we are truly blessed. Thanks again to all.”

Walker had his best run in the 1970s in Florida and Georgia being one of the top drawing performers in the territories going under the hood.. In the 1980s he would had to Bill Watts Midsouth territory where he was most notable for being a mentor/rival to Magnum TA.

Jimmy Carter, the governor of Georgia and later president of the United States during Wrestling II’s 1970s heyday, considered him to be his favorite wrestler, as well as his mother’s favorite. Walker was invited to Carter’s inauguration, but in the end declined the invitation. The United States Secret Service insisted that Walker appear unmasked for security reasons. Due to his popularity at the time under the mask, he couldn’t justify the possible ramifications of his identity being exposed. Wrestling II did, however, on several occasions enjoy a private audience with Lillian Carter. He faced scrutiny from the Secret Service on these occasions as well, but they went off without incident.

In his later years, Walker would continue on in the business moving to Hawaii. Mr. Wrestling II was the director of talent relations for Hawai’i Championship Wrestling. On October 13, 2007, he came out of retirement and won the HCW Kekaulike Heritage Tag Team Championship with Mr. Wrestling 3, II’s protégé.

Our best to Johnny Walker and hope for a speedy recovery.

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