Typically when I am writing my columns, I like to use a format that is not only professional but also deemed necessary to express my opinions. Not this time! In today’s “column” I am just going to touch base on several different subjects and share with you my enlightened views. Please feel free to get in contact with me if you would like to talk further about these subjects, have any comments or want me to hear your concerns. Thanks again for reading my column and I look forward to hearing from you:


What is going on with the WWE lately as far as talent is concerned? Their ability to develop any new talent has been irrelevant to say the least. Even with the explosion of NXT and all the young stars coming up the ranks, it is still left much to desire. I am tired of seeing Triple H at Wrestlemania and Hulk Hogan advertising for the WWE Network. These guys were at the top of their game and now it’s time to step aside and let some fresh talent entertain us. You’re going to have to do it sooner or later, I just hope sooner comes before it’s too later…


Just recently I published a column about the Diva and their undesirable way that they have actually pushed female wrestlers further away than what it had been in the last 20 or so years. I would like to take this opportunity now to reiterate the fact that the Diva, is in fact, the thorn in female wrestling’s side. And unless someone pulls the thorn out, it is going to continue to hurt the legitimacy of the pro wrestling business for females. Be gone Diva, be gone!


Although I don’t think that the WWE has been pushing newer stars in the ring, I think what they have done with NXT is phenomenal. I look at NXT as another product not just another face of the WWE. Their own solid story lines and fresh faced talent leaves the fans wanting more and more. The rate that they are currently on, NXT could possibly surpass the viewership audience of Smackdown in the next couple of years, which would be interesting to see happen so that the mainstream audience would receive a better, newer product than that of its predecessor, the not so interesting Smackdown.


Vicki Guerrero I miss you! Come back!


Please, would somebody help Ryback in his quest to become the lean, mean , eating machine that he talks about all the time. Damn it man! Somebody feed this man more!


I am so relieved to see that TNA has finally found a home in Destination America. The thought of losing such a talented and young federation worried me countless nights. TNA has to get a grasp on their viewing audience so that they will be successful in their new home.


Oh Vince McMahon, how I enjoy you so….. It is clear that the dictator of the WWE still reigns supreme when making DICK-tator decisions. You have to work really hard at it to fire someone on their wedding day. Even with an apology, I didn’t think anyone could be that hard of a DICK-tator.  But then again, this is the same man who holds his fans hostage with the WWE Network. Surprised? Me neither…
You have to give props where props are deserved, Dolph Ziggler refuses to let fans forget about him and that is awesome. He has always been, to me, a wrestler who leads the middle of the packers. Nothing too spectacular or audacious about him, just good old fashioned entertaining, which he never falls short of, hats off Dolph. You will eventually get to where you’re going.


Although I have done everything to literally defeat the Diva, I have to show props to a couple of Divas who continue to surprise me in the ring. Naomi, I think it is your time to take the reins and I hope we see it very soon. AJ Lee, I love you, I love you and I love you. I have been a huge fan of yours since the first day you came skipping along. It is unfortunate that your competition level has fallen stagnate due to the majority of unqualified female wrestlers, but there is hope.  NXT is doing wonders with their own female wrestlers. Names like Charlotte Flair, daughter of the infamous Ric Flair, Sasha Banks, and Bailey are all making unbelievable efforts inside the squared circle. I just hope once they make it to Diva status that they don’t forget how to wrestle like so many do. Please note, I don’t think that Divas are talentless, they all have talent in some sense of the word, just not all of them have talent in the ring. That’s all I am saying….


I have to give more props to someone I have pretty much bashed throughout her career. I never thought she could even have a moniker of talent, but clearly she has proven me wrong. Nikki Bella, you’re not the best, so don’t let this gas your head up, but you have improved in great lengths and strides and for that – my bedazzled, over glittered, top hat is off to you. Just kidding, I don’t have a bedazzled, glittered top hat…but if I did, I would take it off for you!


You would think that after the holiday season Ryback would be stuffed!!


Cheers to Dixie Carter for not overextending herself when asked if she was going to pursue CM Punk for TNA. Her response was smart and well thought out by stating that she would not pursue him at this time because she didn’t feel his head was in wrestling right now. She went on to say that when Punk makes the decision to return to a squared circle and his head is clearly back into professional wrestling, she would then try her efforts on signing him to TNA. Punk has stated that he is sick of professional wrestling and it has left a bad taste in his mouth. He does not want to return to a wrestling ring anytime soon. If he does decide to ever return to wrestling, it will be interesting to see if you joins TNA or stays with the WWE.


It is sad to see the WWE handle a talent like Bray Wyatt and not push him harder than they are. So far, Bray has a terrible PPV record and the fans are starting to pick up on it.  I, myself, am a huge fan of Bray but I am starting to see his potential dwindle down to nearly nothing. I think that the WWE should be aware of the caliber of star that they have with Bray and use him to boost viewership. He doesn’t have to win every match, but at least let him win one or two. This way we don’t look at him like a complete loser with nothing more than a microphone to back him up.


Two big thumbs up to Lucha Underground making a solid run at televised professional wrestling. It’s great to see past stars from WWE taking their talents to a new home so the world can see if they still got it. Lucha Underground is a solid show and leaves us fans wanting for more and tuning in to each show. Keep it up guys and gals!


Well I think I have spit enough hate for today! Thanks to all my loyal readers for reading another column and please feel free to tweet me any comments, questions or hate of your own. Hopefully some things will get better and some things will just go away, but then again, that’s just my Chaotic Theory…..

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