In December, Vince McMahon sat down with Stone Cold Steve Austin on the WWE Network and had a very interesting conversation on the current state of the product and its minutia. This of course gave us the infamous and now almost clichéd “brass ring” comment that sent many into fits of rage showing that the near 70 -year-old Chairman of WWE was out of touch with the current. Many of the audience, including myself, used this as an sounding board that McMahon needed to understand the wants of the fans in the modern age.

Well, the Texas Rattlesnake and WWE Hall of Famer was back again last night on WWE airwaves, this time interviewing the COO Triple H. And while not as provocative as his father-in-law’s interview I found it even more insightful. Hunter definitely showed that he has a different philosophy then Vince McMahon. But he made it clear that it’s not easy being The King of Kings talking about the creative process in the reality era and all the trials and tribulations. And while some in the audience may see these answers in regards to changes in fan knowledge and interaction in the business is different. There are definitely hurtles that one would have to come across have to be challenging in the modern era to deliver a product that really applies to everyone. But he made no bones that Vinny Mac was the end all be all in regards to creative direction.

In regards to making changes to WWE’s creative direction, Triple H made pretty clear that WWE is always tweaking different things to make the audience happy. Much like Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan on Raw, it’s hard for fans to accept storylines and talents as is. Hunter really talked about being a performer in that ring and learning how to improvise for the audience and give people what they want. He said The Attitude Era was easier for the mere fact had such a target demographic to aim for whereas in the PG/reality era they’re trying to appeal across the board and when you do that you have to make certain caveats of the product.

For those who clamor for the NXT style on the main WWE roster, may be sorely mistaken. Triple H understands what audience is booking towards and it is only a segment of the overall WWE Universe. That being said his love and his passion for the WWE developmental territory and what he sees for the future of the brand. He definitely wants to see the women get a better focus and understands about performers finding themselves. But he knows that all roads should lead to WWE if it works right and tries to get those people ready for the main roster.

Hunter talks about his efforts in recent years of being the great facilitator for the return of Bruno Sammartino and Ultimate Warrior into WWE’s graces once again. It shows that unlike McMahon at times he really doesn’t want to be stubborn and lose sight of what really is best for business. Austin asks about whether Chyna lover go in the Hall of Fame and The Game gives a response saying that her pornographic exploits a few years ago are a big hurdle getting in. He also says he had no resentment to CM Punk in regards to statements made. Whether you really believe these statements or not he really comes across much better than his father-in-law a few months before.

I guess the one take away you can really see is Triple H loves this business and loves contributing in any way possible. He never really said that anyone was lazy and just hard to get talent over to that main event stage which I can understand. No one knows there ever “ready” until they’re put in that situation. One can only hope that whatever situation that is it is beneficial and well thought out. However, the COO says the machine keeps running and three hours is really hard to script every week and he wishes they had more time to really let things breathe. But that is out of his hands and they have to make do with what they’re given.

Was it a perfect interview? No. But no interview ever will be there’s always questions you wish were answered. But I felt that it was the most honest and frank discussion on not only the state of WWE in front of the cameras but behind as well. Those who have the WWE Network look at the Vince interview and then look at the Triple H sitdown and compare the differences. It’s night and day. Will the WWE be perfect when Vince is gone? No it will never be but I think it will definitely be a little more fan friendly then it has been in recent years. Not just with fans themselves but media as well. The game has changed. And I think Hunter knows that more than anyone. Heavy is the head that wears the crown and I believe the King of Kings is ready.