Today during Jeff Jarrett’s conference call about GFW and it’s future, Jeff was asked about where things stood with the Hardy’s and Anthem Media/GFW over the “Broken Universe”. Jeff things were still the same with both sides claiming the rights. This led Rebecca “Reby” Hardy to go off on Jeff and Anthem again on Twitter. is reporting that all sides agreed to a deal in principle a few weeks ago. The deal was then drafted by the Hardys’ lawyers and sent to Anthem Media’s Ed Nordholm but several weeks have gone by with no response from him or any indication that the agreement would be signed.

The agreement would have both sides wish each the best in the future and neither side would make public comments about each other in the future. The Hardy’s would have been able to do the “Broken” gimmick and the belief is Anthem Media would have received a payment in exchange.

WWE was not involved in the talks. Billy Corgan was believed to have mediated the talks. sources also believe unless Nordholm finally signs the deal that the Hardys will have nothing left to do but file a lawsuit seeking ownership of the gimmick.