Hey everyone, sorry that I haven’t been writing opinion pieces as frequently as before. But I am back to give my thoughts on the last few days of professional wrestling. I particularly want to talk about SummerSlam and the following Monday Night Raw. There’s a lot to talk about so let’s get to it.

Sunday’s show was one of those things that was lightning in a bottle. The biggest party of the summer felt like it was WWE’s version of a summer blockbuster. The action oriented product did well to if the size the spirit of composition and the overall struggle of the competitors. The Dean Ambrose-Seth Rollins lumberjack match was definitely one of the best things, especially for that stipulation, I’ve ever seen. Everything on the show felt like it had the proper weight to it to make it matter. There wasn’t too much silliness and what there was , it was very believable by the tone of the night. It’s all in how you present it that makes it matter. And WWE at least in the Staples Center made the product matter.

Raw, while good on Monday, felt like a direct to DVD sequel of the night before with very little merit to its existence. You can definitely see the difference between the two products as more goofiness and abruptness occurred not building the proper foundation to make moments matter. Page gets duped by AJ Lee after she was so dominant and cutting the night before. The storyline explanation for the turn of Nikki Bella was flimsy at best and was added to more soap opera elements for the product. That just seems misplaced in a lot of ways. They could of said simply that Nikki would get a title shot against the Divas Champion and it would make the more sense.

Other then the main event and the Paul Heyman promo their wasn’t much to sink your teeth into. Mark Henry is pulling double duty . Apparently he’s going to be in a tag team With Show and feuding with Rusev? Okay. You can do both, but I have to ask the question of why? I can understand wanting separation between the two parties for a little while. Henry is a great next mountain to climb for the Bulgarian brute turned Russian weapon of choice.

Swagger could use this as a sign to get more over as he builds to going back to Rusev. But what they did with Bo Dallas on Monday in my opinion is not the way to go. Having Swagger lose after he was portrayed so well and then made fun of by a lesser character doesn’t do anything for the future of the Real American. Jack has really been getting over with the crowd in the reactions and have been solid. So why go to Bo Dallas of anyone. I get the motivation part of the storyline that the trying to tell but to me a victory against Dallas doesn’t do a thing for Swagger. I don’t know. Here’s an idea, why not have him say he’s going to reclaim the pride of his country and go after he Sheamus and the US title. That would make more storyline sense. And then you can come back a few months down the line, perhaps at Survivor Series back to the US, Russia rivalry with the reclaimed US title on the line. Sheamus has an relegated to six man tag matches and squashes that don’t matter. You could do so much more with both competitors and make it real moment building him to becoming US champion. In turn making the belt matter more.

It looks like they’re going to go with Cesaro versus Sheamus at Night of Champions. I don’t really understand what this does for either Cesaro or Sheamus at this point. I get that they want to have the match, which will be great, but it doesn’t really have much going behind it.

WWE has always said that they’re making movies, but I don’t really know if they know how to script for the moments. TNA has showed when they put care into a storyline and don’t shortchange on the build fans feel it matters. You have to make characters journeys matter. There needs to be a sense their moving forward. You can’t keep repeating the same stories over and over and expecting the same result. No matter how good the matches are if there’s no perpetual movement then it doesn’t register with the audience and becomes stagnant. There needs to be a witty on the card where you feel like everybody has a direction and that is far from the case.

It’s funny how different two products can actually be in the same company. If you look at the NXT television product produced strategically gives more of a wrestling focus while doing some great character building on top. I mentioned to someone this week and I am sure I not the only one to say this but it’s like WWE proper is Walt Disney Pictures and NXT is Miramax, as the Internet friendly developmental product really understands that there can be a balance of entertainment and good solid wrestling. However, when certain talents have been brought up to the main roster all the characteristics of what made them special are wiped away. It would be like if Disney were to do their own version of Reservoir Dogs. It may be the same material, but it doesn’t have the same things that made it work. WWE more often than not need to understand there are subtle nuances to the characters and work within what the talent has been doing at Full Sail and extending it to a bigger stage. I know that’s easier said than done. But I hope the company can see they need to be more smart about how they utilize and how they protect the talents going forward. Especially with guys with international status because you going make so many first impressions before they stop mattering. I think Triple H knows that, but Vince may need convincing.

Sorry I went on a little bit of a diatribe there. But I wanted to give you something to read this Wednesday morning. I will definitely see you all throughout the day on the website. Hope you have a good day.

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