Hello everyone. There’s been a lot going on in the world of professional wrestling in the last few days. Of course the top story is the continuing drama with Hulk Hogan. You might’ve been expecting me to write a piece by now on the website, and normally I would have. Except I didn’t want to get angry. Every news outlet is covering the story and there are tons of people in social media weighing in with tweets either vilifying or supporting Hulk Hogan for what he said.

I know a lot of people feel that we should forgive Hogan for his statements. They argue that that the comments were made in private and should be taken with a grain of salt as we don’t always present the best version of ourselves when we we’ re behind closed doors. That there’s an expectation of privacy as human beings that should’ve been observed and understood. And while that point is valid. That’s one of the things that comes with the level of celebrity of a Hulk Hogan or others. It has been said in multiple different venues people build you up to tear you down. Meaning simply that once you reach a level status people are interested in the dissent of their heroes. People love seeing someone fall because it makes them feel more solid in their own existence. Is it fair for the focal point of this attention is so magnified for celebrity? I think it’s a nonverbal contract that those who want to be famous make with themselves but don’t really understand what they signed away until it’s inconvenient for them.

Are they still human beings? Sure. Do they make mistakes? Yes. But as with any calamity you may find yourself in, the key is to learn from those mistakes. And for the last decade or so it doesn’t seem like Hulk has really learned anything? I don’t know if he really understands what’s real and what’s fantasy. You can go all the way back to over a decade ago when Hogan Knows Best was on the air on VH1. The man and character started to blur showing us a side of the over-the-top that we didn’t know existed. As with any lens it can distort the view of the person and make them transform into something unrecognizable. If his run with Impact Wrestling showed the audience anything, it verified that outside of the WWE’s guiding hand Hulk Hogan wasn’t the same. Sure, he can talk about 24 inch pythons, slamming the giant and dropping the big leg for the win. But the man himself made some really bad choices not just in what he said but understanding that what you do and who you associate with.

If the WWE Hall of Famer ( or I guess former Hall of Famer) teaches anything is that actions have consequences. Hogan put himself in these situations. You can talk about his mental state and be sympathetic for the plight he was dealing with at the time but he still made those choices. He is not the victim. Making an appeal to such just makes you more reprehensible playing on people’s nostalgia. At 61 years old, one would think Hogan would want to take his lumps quietly and fade into the background until this all blows over. But apparently not. One would think that there might be a chance for redemption somewhere down the line. Because as much as society likes to tear down its heroes. They love a good hero redeemed story just as well. You would think given all the times that we saw the red and yellow come back from damn near insurmountable odds, Hulk would understand. Maybe someone should explain it to him in wrestling terms.

One thing is definitely for sure. WWE is going to have a rough go of it the next few months. As this controversy is only going to compound leading into the sex tape trial at the end of the month. Even though they severed ties with Hogan he is so ingrained in their history that he’s hard to expunge. He was the face of the brand for over a decade. That’s not a bond that you can sever just by letting him out of contract. There’s a mental link with those who don’t know the business that Hogan essentially is WWE. Will WWE rebound from this? The answer is quite simple yes. Time marches on. This generations superhero is still going strong. But who’s to say when it’s all said and done 10 years from now, we are not talking about John Cena doing something ludicrous. And kids that watched his hustle loyalty and respect during the last 12 years don’t grow up having the same issues with their hero. And that’s the thing really. Heroes are someone we all wish we were. But sometimes the people that they are and the people that we want them to be cannot be farther from the truth.

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