Hello everyone. I thought I would give my thoughts on some stuff going on in the WWE. I promise my next post will deal with some stuff outside of Vince McMahon’s empire but for now let’s talk about the post Wrestlemania fallout on television.

One of the course things of the last few days is the reestablishment of the mid-card titles. It definitely seems like someone behind-the-scenes has their eyes set on bringing these titles some credibility in the WWE product. The Intercontinental title looks to be on track to be the workhorse title once again. The belt that was made on the backs of Greg Valentine, Tito Santana, Pat Patterson, Randy Savage, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels and many others has found its representative in Daniel Bryan. Along with others in the division like Dolph Ziggler, Luke Harper, Stardust, Dean Ambrose, Wade Barrett and even R -Truth will make the title something to watch again.

And even though he looks weird with the mohawk and the bearded braids I really enjoy Sheamus again as the bully. I always thought that didn’t work as a sarcastic baby face. But as the runt ruffian, the first Irish born WWE champion has found himself again not only as a character but in ring as well pulling out different moves including an awesome one point landing which he nails on Daniel Bryan twice this week on Smackdown. It will be interesting to see how this character evolves going forward. And I love the new music fits very well.

And I know I may be in the minority here but I love what they’re doing with John Cena in the United States championship. Just having a top star holding the belt gives it is the credibility. Added to that I love the idea of making the US title the title for the disenfranchised on the roster giving the belt purpose for the first time since the brand split was ended. Only time will tell if this really happens. But if it does, it could be a cool full circle moment for John Cena, as he came out during Kurt Angle’s Hometown Hero challenge back in 2002 This gave him one hell of a debut. If an underdog can come out and defeat Cena it could really launch the career of someone instantly.

As for the top title, there to be a roadmap in place with built-in challengers for the Architect Seth Rollins. Randy Orton, Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar are lined up to battle the new champion. If WWE plays the cards well they can pretty much do simple storylines and keep fans hooked into summer. And let’s not forget that we have Money in the Bank in June which adds another wrinkle to the championship scene if you give it to a new name. WWE has a lot going for it right now in regards to the title. Rollins as WWE champion is great but they really have to be careful of making him too cowardly now that he is the man. There’s a balance between a coward and a heel. I like many point to Ric Flair as the perfect mix of smart heel tactics and making the baby face look strong. When it came down to it Ric Flair could go , he just chose to cheat. WWE should be really careful on how they book Rollins going forward. He’s got a ton of momentum right now you don’t want to waste it.

Where they may have issues with the current champion’s booking, they continue to make smart decisions when it comes to Lesnar and his exits. This past Monday was one of the best write-offs of television I have seen in quite some time. That makes The Beast Incarnate even more intriguing when he comes around again. Whenever Lesnar returns the crowd will pop huge.

Another big thing in WWE this week was the use of blood for the first time in a long time. It was so out of character for the company they had to issue a statement saying that Brock Lesnar did not intentionally blade himself during his match with Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania. But that wasn’t the only incident of blood this week as on this past week’s Thursday Smackdown getting busted open by Sheamus. It seems the company wants to bring more MMA realism into the product in recent days. Maybe it’s due to the coverage by ESPN and other sports outlets but at least for now the company has a more lax policy on bleeding. I don’t know how I feel on that. Blood has always been a part of professional wrestling but in this day and age of STDs and blood-borne diseases is it really necessary? I don’t think so if the stories compelling enough you don’t need all the bells and whistles but it definitely adds a layer of reality to the proceedings. I think it’s fine as long as it doesn’t go to excessive.

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