Roddy Piper famously once said, “just when the think they have the answers I change the questions.”

That seems to be the wrestling business this past week.

It began with Samoa Joe entering the WWE on NXT Takeover. And with the unique superstar came with one of the most unique deals in WWE history. The Samoan Submission Machine gets to work and get the benefit of WWE’s marketing machine and merchandise but get to keep his persona and his work style and allow him to still work independent dates which you can charge more money per date because of the WWE connection especially with the very hot property of NXT.

I think WWE now sees that their position is cemented as a powerhouse in the industry knowing that there is no competition so giving these talents the special deals like Rhino and Samoa Joe is beneficial not only to them from a financial standpoint but from from her creative one as well. Look at how Chris Jericho’s last few deals have worked he comes in for a few months does his thing and leaves. This is very similar to how talent was used in the territory days. Talents like Andre the Giant, Roughhouse Fargo, This Sheik, Bruiser Brody and Abdullah the Butcher were used sporadically and carefully during their run. Knowing that if the character stayed around for too long it would lose its appeal. I know fans hate “part-time guys”. But it comes down to making financial sense and having those talent for more limited runs getting more for less in a lot of ways.

We are going to see more of these deals in the future I guarantee it as WWE will really try to foster good relationship with independent promotions as they need to pull from a resource they can to find new stars.

And just when we thought we saw everything. Then comes the announcement of ROH on Destination America. With the rumors of Impact Wrestling being canceled, the story took on a life of its own. Not since the early days of WTBS and USA Network airing multiple wrestling programs from different territories nothing like this has really happened.

What should have been a cool announcement for both promotions, turned into another PR debacle for Dixie Carter and company. It really went to show problems that TNA has with really having transparency not only with the fans but with their independent contractors. You shouldn’t have a media conference call with the roster and wait that long to give information to fans and talent.

Especially, since these rumors have been swirling for the last week. Humility goes a long way not only with those you work with but the fans that love you as well. I’m not going to dispute Dave Meltzer is reporting because I think when he got a story it was 100% legitimate. I may not like the way he covers the business but I respect his tenure in doing this for as long as he has. TNA if you let someone else control your narrative without really addressing it then speculation runs rampant.

I honestly think as I wrote yesterday that Destination America is using this as a springboard to grow the relationship with ROH while saying goodbye to their contractual obligations with Impact Wrestling. Again this is my opinion. Not fact.

But I can see Destination America being happier with the ROH product because they already run with a small budget and create really compelling professional wrestling program. And namely they won’t have a headache of an executive who reportedly called the network “Dumbasses” via email and warning them to create bonus programming right out of the gates. I think the fervent fan base of Ring of Honor helps them a great deal. TNA’s fan morale is probably the lowest it’s ever Been and I’m sure this was taken into account look at social media and you find out maybe the TNA brand is it what it once was.

But Ring of Honor doesn’t have those foibles they’ve done their baby steps and really seem to grow into their own. They have action figures coming out, a pay-per-view coming and are able to use New Japan talent along with names like previously mentioned Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Alberto El Patron, the Bullet Club and others. Add to the fact that ROH has live events they are running where they can advertise the Destination America brand and it’s really a no-brainer for ROH and the channel to get together.

Although it does make some awkward conversations at TNA happen. Like where do they go if they are indeed canceled in September. Because if Dixie’s caused ripples in the relationship the company’s garnered for the last few years then it’s going to be even harder for the damaged brand to find a US Home. And if they can’t they will be living off the international deals. But if you listen to Talk TNA this week even that market which is one of the most passionate about the brand is starting to lose interest because the company handles itself so poorly a public relations standpoint.

As I’ve said before is this the end of TNA I don’t know but it seems to be a rebirth of sorts Ring Of Honor. Hopefully they can use the 26 weeks on Destination America well and really expand the reach of what they call and I find that hard to disagree “The Best Wrestling on the Planet”

Sometimes in life it’s the survival of the fittest which is it what I think we are finding out now with this new deal it is definitely one of the most interesting times in professional wrestling ever.

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