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Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone. I hope you all, whether single or with a significant other have a wonderful day. There’s no question there’s a lot to love in professional wrestling these days. Whether it be this past week’s Smackdown Tag Team Turmoil, NXT Takeover Rival, this week’s episode of Ring of Honor or latest New Japan matches fans should be over the moon with this ring Renaissance. But truth be told the Internet is going to be the Internet and are going to express negativity before they go to the positive things in the business right now. It’s weird how this works where much like a jilted lover, there’s a thin line between love and hate.

Cancel WWE Network

The relationship between fans and the wrestling business is the worst at times. They hate the love each other or they hate to love each other. When you get so invested in someone and things go wrong it’s easy to complain but it’s hard to make that jump to actually do something different and make a change. As we’ve seen with the Cancel WWE Movement and the WWE Network numbers, it shows that fans however displease are very loyal when it comes down to it even if their destructive to their own enjoyment. Message boards, Internet communities and other outlets make this nihilistic opinion they claim to love think there the majority of the audience. When in all honesty they are a small minute portion of the viewing public.


Any relationship in your life no matter a person, television product etc. takes work on both sides, Wrestling promotions need to give you a reason the watch the fans need to use reason to understand that Rome wasn’t built in the day. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen one week everyone’s ranting and raving about it character being the greatest thing ever and then two weeks later they get bored and want to move on like college kid with a full box of condoms. It’s a rough analogy but everyone wants the next thing not willing to let things have a build anymore. And a lot of that has to come down the creative ,  sure. But the audience has to take a breath and understand to have patience. Stone Cold Steve Austin was not built in a day. Neither was Rock or John Cena. You have to see where the story goes before you make judgments. I know that’s hard to do at times because of the way social media works but you got to be careful on how you use your words. In an industry built on hyperbole, the audience definitely feels sweeping generalities regarding talents and promotions are the norm.

Statements such as “WWE sucks” or “John Cena needs to retire” are repeated over and over like the gospel without any real forethought to the fact that your opinion is your own and no one elses. You wouldn’t talk to your significant other by saying everyone says you need to lose weight. It’s not going to end well for you. If you give positive feedback I think you’ll have a better relationship overall whether it with a wrestling company or a relationship. I didn’t exactly like it when but… This was good. Or I didn’t exactly like where that went but I understand what they were trying to say. Maybe you’ll have a better experience overall. And another thing that kind of bugs me. That can apply for all relationships is learned to let the past go. I’m not saying you can’t remember history but you need to live more in the moment of the show that there planning and what that segment means to the overall story not I want the Attitude Era back or is pointing out the flaws of a company like TNA when they’re in ring product has never been better. There seems to be a fan that loves to hate on a wrestling product just to hate on it. I get that irony is the new cool but it just feels weird to me.

And as we’ve seen with Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan there’s a thin line between the face and heel dynamics as well. Daniel Bryan is most definitely over with the fans. However, WWE higher-ups see more in the Samoan superstar. Whether you really agree that that is the right direction or not it definitely seems like the company has the plans they want. That’s why I feel like if Daniel Bryan is going to stay relevant going forward considering the lack of strong heels at the top. He needs to go to the dark side. I know the WWE norm is to change Reigns because of the negative fan reaction. But that will actually make it harder for him to get over again if you ever want to go the hero route. It will be easier to switch Bryan because he reached his apex of popularity and that is the greatest time to do a turn because the people are so invested in that character and will feel slighted that he turned their backs on them and their support.

I know a lot of people don’t like my theory. But I think it’s the best thing for everyone involved. It gets Daniel a fresh perspective and he can now be teamed with his wife in a pairing that will benefit the both of them. It’ll give him a fresh character to play in which he will be less deemphasized on cards in the main roster and it will make Roman Reigns not have to compete against the onslaught of cheers that Daniel Bryan to receive. And one can only hope that since Vince doesn’t see him as much of a baby face that he will get behind them more as a heel and not give him a lackluster match at this year’s Wrestlemania.

It’s no secret that wrestling and love don’t always go together. Every WWE marriage either ended in divorce or death. But one thing’s for sure there will always be passion from the fans for good or for bad regarding the product. Whether you hate to love it or love to hate it wrestling is universal. May it always have a special place in your heart. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.


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