PW Insider reported the following regarding the rumors surrounding Jeff Jarrett’s return to Impact Wrestling:

Regarding Jeff Jarrett’s return to TNA for Slammiversary, I believe at this point, nothing has been offered in regard to the TNA Hall of Fame. There is a lot more to this deal than just Jarrett returning to wrestle, but we don’t have everything confirmed as of this writing.

We’ve been asked if Jarrett is buying TNA and in asking around, I am told that there is nothing of the sort going on and Jeff’s future is in promoting and building the Global Force Wrestling company. The Jarretts were not at any of the other tapings after appearing live on Wednesday’s broadcast.

However, what the site could confirm is that TNA is creating a title of sorts. Usually, in a King of the Mountain match a title is hung to signify a winner. Well, the winner of this Sunday’s match at Slammiversary will become King of the Mountain Champion. Now what that actually means they’ll be hanging for the match I have no idea. The participants of 2015 edition include Drew Galloway, Jeff Jarrett, Matt Hardy, Bobby Roode and Eric Young. I guess it will be like their King of the Ring.

Brian Fritz from Sporting News is reporting that TNA is behind on paying staff again. Fritz reported that there was a meeting following yesterday’s taping where Don and Ron Harris, who replaced Steve Small in leading production of the tapings, told the crew that they wouldn’t be paid for the May tapings until around July 15. There was no explanation given, but according to the report, The Harris Brothers allegedly told the workers, “if you’re not happy, just shake our hands and walk away.” For more, click here.