WWE officially announced the following competitors for The Mae Young Classic tournament today.

– Tessa Blanchard the third generation wrestler and daughter of Tully Blanchard. She is 21 years old and had her first match in June of 2014. She has done enhancement work for WWE in the past.

– Abbey Laith the former Kimber Lee who is currently working in NXT is 26 years old and the first female graduate of the Combat Zone Wrestling Academy.

– Taynara Conti is a 22-year-old judo master who is signed to a WWE developmental deal.

– Jazzy Gabert is a German professional wrestler and mixed martial artist best known for her work in World Wonder Ring Stardom.

– Kavita Devi former competitive powerlifter and South Asia Games gold medallist trained at the Great Khali wrestling school and is from India.

They join Lacey Evans, Sarah Logan, Toni Storm, and Princesa Sugehit as officially announced by WWE to compete in the Mae Young Classic.

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