In an update to the story involving Neville walking out of Raw and asking for his release. PWInsider is reporting Neville was not at the Live Events last week or Raw and that is why the walking out on Raw part of the story is false. They do say now that sources have told them that Neville is pushing for a release from the company and head back to the indy scene and possible New Japan to rebuild his name just as Drew McIntyre did a few years ago. Neville is still under contract and only time will tell if WWE and Neville can fix things or if he gets his release. The Dirty Sheets is reporting that Neville asked for his release for the same reason Austin Aries did earlier in the year because he feels he can do more outside of the Cruiserweight division as well as being upset over being left off the main card of WrestleMania and the WrestleMania 33 DVD as well as and a lack of merchandise.

The TRUTH About the Neville Situation

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