Wrestling DVD News is reporting that the upcoming WWE documentary for the late great Macho Man Randy Savage has a name. The home-video release said to come out this November 18 will now be called “The Randy Savage Story”. And more good news, it looks like Randy’s brother Lanny will be narrating and is heavily involved in the production. Here is the synopsis:

“Macho Man” Randy Savage was best known for his time in World Wrestling Federation (WWF) and World Championship Wrestling (WCW). Savage held 20 championships during his professional wrestling career. He held 6 world championships between the WWF and WCW, having won the WWF Championship twice and the WCW World Heavyweight Championship four times. A one time WWF Intercontinental Champion, WWE (formerly WWF) has named Savage as the greatest champion of all time.

“The Randy Savage Story” focuses on the life and career of Randy Macho Man Savage. The title chronicles the highs and lows of Randy’s life and career, and shows that while he was extremely driven and highly successful, he was a complex person who also had his struggles over the years. Later in his life, Randy remarried and found peace before his tragic and untimely death.

A list of subjects interviewed for the documentary have been revealed : Lanny Poffo (brother), Judy Poffo (mother), Hulk Hogan, Lex Luger, Diamond Dallas Page, Jerry Lawler, Ricky Steamboat, Kevin Nash, Bret Hart, Jimmy Hart, Gene Okerlund, Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes, Ted DiBiase and Jake Roberts.

Plans for the set extras seem to indicate match picks from Ultimate Warrior, Shawn Michaels, Ted DiBiase and Hulk Hogan but nothing’s been confirmed as of yet.

They are also reporting that a collectors edition will be sold that will include special packaging along with a Macho Man T-shirt, sunglasses and bandanna. This special edition features the “The Randy Savage Story” set along with 2009’s three disc “Macho Madness Collection” featuring some of Savage’s best matches through WWE and WCW. See the images of these items by going here

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The NBC Wrestlemania 30 Special airs tonight at 7 PM Eastern and features Undertaker versus Brock Lesnar, Bray Wyatt versus John Cena and the opening segment with The Rock, Steve Austin, and Hulk Hogan.

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