Last night, WWE made their way to be City of Brotherly Love for Monday Night Raw. Philadelphia and had quite the history of sports fans including wrestling patrons taking it to the extreme. Paul Heyman took this mentality and a fresh new presentation to make a revolution in sports entertainment. Even 15 years after its closing ECW has had an effect on the industry. But WWE has its own style of presenting a show that forget the lessons that the Land of Extreme taught the world back in the 90s.

The biggest news coming out of last night’s broadcast was the stipulation made by Vince McMahon in the Shane McMahon versus Undertaker Hell in a Cell Match. The Chairman announced that if the Deadman loses this may be his last Wrestlemania. Finally, we get a reason for Taker to fight Shane. This should have been announced weeks ago. It creates an interesting dynamic similar to the Ric Flair storyline in 2008 leading to his match with Shawn Michaels. The problem being that is still a 47-year-old Shane versus a 51-year-old Undertaker. The WWE production team did another great series of vignettes showcasing Shane’s training hiding the fact that none of the principle characters in the story were in Wells Fargo Arena. Will this week proved to be the thing that gets people to watch the match. ECW really began the video package getting over talent that wasn’t exactly the best and WWE tried their best to make you think the match will be an epic encounter. Take for example, the build up with Terry Funk and run to the World Title leading into Barely Legal 97. They really got over the story of the Legend going for one last run at the top in his middle-age. I would love to hear Desperado during one of the video packages involving the Undertaker.

Speaking of the WWE Hall of Famer, Terry Funk appeared in a segment with Dean Ambrose continuing the hard-core inheritance theme that began last week with Mick Foley. This time the Lunatic Fringe received some advice and chainsaw from the man from Amarillo Texas. It was great to see Terry on WWE TV. I’m still not big fan of the whole premise of anointing him the new Hard-Core Legend. I personally don’t think Ambrose needs this but WWE obviously does. I guess they want to give you some hope that Ambrose can defeat Lesnar. The weirdest thing is that they had Paul Heyman on commentary not addressing the live crowd. I think it is a missed opportunity to really give a point counterpoint. But I understand in Philadelphia that that may be an issue that they didn’t want to bring up.

WWE continued to try to make Roman Reigns more hard-nosed and palatable to audiences. He stood up to Stephanie McMahon and attacked Triple H but the audience still doesn’t like Roman as he was met with the chorus of boos. I hope the company is really looking forward and seeing that a heel turn is necessary. They already are making subtle changes with his entrance coming down the ramp instead of the crowd. He has had a new attitude the last few weeks coming off the attack breaking his nose.

This Roman Reigns transition is similar to what ECW did with Tommy Dreamer. Paul Heyman took a suspenders wearing pretty boy and showed that he had gumption following a Singapore cane match with the Sandman. Dreamer showed his toughness to the fans of the Philadelphia. This would get him over for many years and create goodwill. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be working for Roman Reigns. They have really been trying this for over a year and while the Samoan superstar has garnered some fans. He is still seen as the anointed choice. Maybe it’s time to make the fans presumption a reality?

Speaking of reality, It’s hard to believe that Zack Ryder is going to be in a featured Wrestlemania Contest in 2016. He will be one of the six participants in the Intercontinental title ladder match. Alongside Dolph, Stardust, Sami, Sin Cara, the Miz and Kevin Owens, Zack Ryder is getting a real opportunity thanks to the injury of Neville. Glad to see the guys get something. Raw was really focused on this match giving it multiple segments. Owens proved why Raw is the Kevin Owens show. He was phenomenal.

The night was very solid with action but some storylines were just shoved on the show. Case in point, The Big Show versus Social Outcasts with Kane. Really nothing major. Same thing with The Divas Segment this week. And The AJ Styles-Chris Jericho storyline was a head scratcher. Why would Jericho get the better of AJ earlier the night, and not have the same thing happen when Styles try to do the same later on. It doesn’t put AJ on the same plane as Chris.You would think with three hours, everything would get it’s time to breathe. But it seems like the tag team storylines with The Dudleys versus the Usos with the inclusion of the Golden Truth were given a nothing segment. I would not be surprised if it is a triple threat tag team Tables Match at Mania with all three teams.

Is it me… Or is Braun Stroman just WWE’s version of 911?

Philadelphia was definitely land of extremes and WWE had its own highs and lows with Raw. We are just days away from The Show of Shows and things could get hard-core with the fan base and AT&T Stadium depending on how things go at Wrestlemania 32. Hopefully, WWE is ready whatever reaction they may get.

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