I have been a fan of the WWE since October of 1990. Before the superhero movie explosion we live in right now, this was the closest thing I had to real-life colorful characters showing up on my TV. Wrestling has evolved over time, from the circus-type atmosphere of the ’80s, through the more adult-oriented programming in the ’90s, to the family-friendly fare that is on TV today. One of the products of this evolution has been the WWE’s developmental program, NXT. NXT is where the WWE trains its younger stars to prepare them for the ultimate prize, a spot on the WWE roster. One of those stars in Finn Balor. Hailing from Ireland and having wrestled all over the world since 2000, Finn joined NXT in 2014, and has quickly become one of its most popular members. Besides the athletic ability to be able to perform in the wrestling ring night after night, the sign of a true superstar is building a character that can capture people’s attention. Finn has done this successfully by taking his love

Source: NXT Superstar Finn Balor Harnesses the Power of Cosplay to Rule the Squared Circle | Nerdist