Dear WWE Fans :


Hello, PWPop readers. This is your favorite part time writer and part time co-host “The Birdogg” Richard Burghdoff. There has been something that has been eating at me that started a little over a year ago and has really come up these last few months. And it has everything to do with the WWE Fans.Not the true fans that have been watching the product for years, but the fair-weather fans who will change their opinions at the drop of a hat. These are what I like to call “Marks.” There are two types that have gotten under my skin The first are John Cena marks. Those that cheer John Cena one week, and boo him the next. Now, it’s the fans choice who they cheer and boo (Cena has said that time and time again) but there comes a time when they need to make a choice. The problem is, Cena isn’t going to change who he is to placate the fans. He’s going to be true to himself, regardless of what the “marks” want him to be. Granted, he’s been the same Cena for the last 5+ years, but he is who he is, and personally, I don’t see anything wrong with that. He has been and will be the workhorse of the WWE since Stone Cold and The Rock left. He has single handedly put the company on his back, basically doing what Hulk Hogan did in the 80’s and early 90’s. The thing that gets me most upset is when they only cheer him when there is nobody else to cheer for in a storyline (unless he is against Bray Wyatt at WM 30) like this past Sunday at Survivor Series. Going into the “Biggest Elimination Match Ever” there were a few guys that deserved the spotlight besides, Cena, namely Dolph Ziggler and Eric Rowan. Rowan went from a support guy to a stand alone guy that can get over with the fans based on his in ring work. Then there’s the Show-off. Last night, Dolph Ziggler, in my opinion went from just being a hard worker, to that main event level that very few can achieve. Last night, Dolph proved that he indeed can be the face of the WWE if given the chance. But, it was all overshadowed by the appearance of one man. And of course, the “marks” ate it up. Granted, seeing Sting in a WWE ring was a great moment, I think it overshadowed what Dolph was able to accomplish last night. And I have a feeling that the “marks” aren’t going to remember this in a few weeks.



The second kind of “mark” is the CM Punk “mark.” The ones that constantly chant his name at every event, or when AJ Lee comes out (AJ and Punk got married a few months ago, for those that didn’t know). What these people think they are doing is that by chanting his name, he will come back and all will be forgotten with him and the WWE Creative. When Punk left, he was upset with the direction he was going in the WWE, and was exhausted from the months of constant and non-stop travel schedule he had. Granted, this kind of thing has happened before (Stone Cold back in the early 2000’s) but he realized that all he was doing was making himself look bad. And when he came back, yes the fans welcomed him back, but it took a little time. Then there’s CM Punk. The spoiled child that when he didn’t get his way, he went home and decided to get paid for doing nothing. All while laughing at the moronic WWE “mark” fans that would chant his name at every show. What really got me upset was the tweet he put out this past week about Barry Sanders retiring early. How dare he compare himself to a true legend like Sanders. And I think the WWE really stuck it to him when he went after them for the royalty fees when it comes to using his name and logos. Just get rid of the merchandise and there’s no more money going to Punk. But that didn’t stop the fans from bringing in signs with his name, or chanting his name. Chanting his name, production can drown that out, and security can take the signs away (as well they should), so WWE fans, please do yourselves a huge favor. Stop making yourselves look like fools and qut cheering for the man. He doesn’t care for you one bit. And he’s never coming back. And if by some miracle he does come back, this writer won’t be cheering for him one bit.


There. I’ve said my piece, gotten a few things off my chest, and hopefully changed a few opinions on you, the WWE fans and the “marks.” If you think I’m wrong, don’t be afraid to tell me. But I don’t think I have said anything that wasn’t true.

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