Dolph Ziggler and Baron Corbin kickoff the action of the show. Just like I expected, Dolph is the human ping-pong ball to the Lone Wolf. But in the end, Dolph wins what a head scratcher considering how The Show Off has been used in recent weeks. Not sure if this is establishing of Baron Corbin in the right way.

For a match that had very little fanfare, Ryback and Kalisto worked their ass off. They wanted to make sure that WWE management paid attention that they belonged on the main card. Those dives from the Lucha Dragon were spectacular and the Ryback gorilla press off the top was amazing. Mauro Ranallo did his best getting over the history of the US title as well.

Main card

Only makes sense to kick off with a great tag team match. New Day comes out and get themselves over about bringing in a new era of tag teams. Enzo and Cass do their thing bringing up Hey Arnold for all the millennial audience out there. The series is coming back by the way.

The Vaudevillians still seem to be out of place on the main roster as characters. But no one can question they’re in ring work.

Unfortunately, it looks like they don’t get to show would as an accident happens with Enzo hitting the middle rope taking a nasty fall to the outside knocking himself out. The match was stopped by the referee and medical personnel worked on Enzo on the outside. But the show must go on so WWE goes to the Sami Kevin Owens video package.

Sami and Kevin started their match on strong to get the crowd back into the show. I wouldn’t expect anything less. Great match to get the crowd back into the night. These two always have great energy and this is no exception. Kevin Owens getting the victory keeps the feud going and gives the baby face fuel. Interesting that this match will lead into the next the IC title indicating that Owens will be the next challenger for whoever wins.

Owens is a great heel.

Cesaro versus the Miz was a great back and forth. The Miz and his lovely wife are a great pair together. Both men have a great back and forth. Adding Kevin Owens in this match gives this match something extra. Both men are working really hard.

Sami comes back out to retaliate on Owens. I’m not saying I don’t enjoy the melee. But Sami lost clean that’s not really a Babyface move. But if it puts Owens and Zayn in the IC picture I’m okay with that. The Miz is still your Intercontinental champion and Cesaro still looks strong.

So all in all it’s good/bad in a lot of ways. I don’t think Sami and Owens need a title and it takes away from Cesaro and the Miz.
Then again, it does put the prestige back on the title with so many people fighting for it and work horses at that. I know people don’t see the Miz in the same category but he is. He doesn’t get enough credit for his in ring ability

Jericho and Ambrose continues the trend of very physical battles. As technical as the match was it was also a great brawl. These two had great chemistry. Ambrose gets a much-needed victory over Jericho. I can see these two coming back next month with a Last Man Standing stipulation in three weeks.

The women’s division is out next. And this goes without saying that Charlotte and Natalya have always delivered. The Daughter of the Nature Boy has really grown into her heel persona. Really great in ring work however when it comes to the outside the women are a little out of their element. Say what you want to about Ric Flair’s outside behavior but he still has the passion for performance. Whereas as is well documented Bret Hart could not care less. Similar to Takeover Fatal Four-Way two years ago The Hitman excellently executed not giving a crap.

I can only imagine what this match could be like if Bret actually gave a crap for his niece.

What the…Did we have to do a screw job finish every time Bret Hart is around? That left a bad taste in my mouth. I did the connection with Charles Robinson but this is ridiculous. Was that a receipt for Bret and his recent comments? Bret did get one over on Ric so who knows?

Vince is out next to make the decision on Raw I realized that this is WWE’s attempt to play off of the 2016 election. With both siblings campaigning for the father’s affection. Vince was having but with the crowd especially during the CM Punk chants. Segment is going on a little too long.
The Chairman says both Shane and Stephanie are in charge of Monday Night Raw. Okay? That was a twist I wasn’t expecting. But it looks like we may be heading to that brand split after all. Question who is running Smackdown?

WWE then went into promo mode for the new WWE Network Series “Camp WWE”. Broadcasters made it clear that the rest of WWE programming would not be going the same mature route and that parental locks are available for the MA program. Those who hope the attitude Era is returning with the show it’s not. They just want to try something different to entice older viewers to watch the network and it might do it. The first episode is already available now as I write this. I will have to check it out in the morning.

Main event is next.

Reigns and Styles was a great match with a lot of false finishes. What I love is they didn’t answer the question about Anderson and Gallows regarding AJ. We got our first glimpse of Stephanie and Shane in control. One thing I do not like is the proclamation of a new era eras don’t need branding they just happen.

We are going to get an Extreme Rules match between Roman and AJ. That’s cool a new era begins I guess. The McMahon-McMahon era. See you tomorrow night on Raw.

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