Hello, I’m back again for the latest in my Pay-Per-View Report Cards series. This time we are talking Money In The Bank 2015. I know we have new visitors to the site so I will break down my formula once again. I grade shows on three different criteria every month. Those criteria are fun, spectacle and match quality. Then, I average the three together and give an overall grade of the show in general. Now that we got that out of the way let me just say this before I begin.

As we all know by now, WWE Hall of Famer American Dream Dusty Rhodes passed away on Thursday. I wrote about my thoughts which you can find here. I’m still shocked just three days later. Money in the Bank was heavily inspired by the memory of the late great Dusty Rhodes. From memories those who worked for him to stirring video tributes, WWE did a great job getting reverence and praising a common man. I just want to get that of the way before I begin grading the show because a lot of my feelings were based off their commemoration of Dusty. And I feel I may be slanted to be more empathetic to the show.

Now, in the words of The Dream let’s get funky like a monkey and give the show a grade. Let’s begin with fun.

Fun B +: I really like the show overall. Money in the Bank is always an exhilarating ride and this year was no exception. It’s very hard when you have two ladder matches on the card to really screw up a show. And thankfully for WWE they didn’t. The show had a nice flow and didn’t feel like three hours. Thanks to a bout of insomnia I actually watched the show twice all the way through. That’s a great sign for WWE that he didn’t feel cumbersome to get through the show.

There seems to be magic around that Money in the Bank pay-per-view every year since 2011. There are only special moments that are made at that show that are pedestrian somewhere else. Things like CM Punk-John Cena, the Usos versus the Shield, multiple ladder matches and more. The franchise seems to have grown quite the track record of good matches.

The MVPs of the show are without a doubt The New Day. The threesome definitely seems to be finding themselves in the role I will be curious how the trio is booked going forward. They’re doing great heel work right now.

Spectacle B +: As I said before I just spectacle on moments you can remember from matches and that have importance going forward. This had quite a few. You saw the Primetime Players capture the first tag team titles, Seth Rollins proved that he’s not a corporate pet and of course Cena versus Owens. Everything had a big fight feel and felt important with weight. The only thing I would say that didn’t feel special or like it didn’t belong was Ryback versus Big Show as a I feel it didn’t fit the rest the card. But they’re trying to find that balance for the new champion.

Kevin Owens and John Cena continue to really define themselves. Was it as great as the first match? No. But I think that was due to the unexpected nature of the first match as you didn’t know how the two men would work together and there were a lot of unexpected factors. The second match was solid and really good as well. Especially, John Cena pulling out really interesting moves from his repertoire. The two men continued to act like prizefighter’s giving the best flows back and forth. I don’t mind Owens losing especially since Kevin got his heat back afterwards. I like the fact that John Cena wanted to give him props legitimizing him to all the fans around. I imagine we’ll see a rubber match on Battleground.

That main event was insane Seth and Dean proved that they belong at the top of the card. So much plunder and hard work by all involved. Can’t wait to see what the next step in the story.

In Ring Work B- : Other than a few matches everything was solid. I think the weakest thing on the card were Ryback and Big Show and the booking of the Diva Match. Those matches were just angles to build to Raw. That’s fine I just the finishes took away from the in ring work those stories were trying to tell. Especially The Divas Match, while I respect the use of A Dusty Finish in the ladies match Nikki and Paige seem to have a chemistry together.

While I question putting Roman Reigns with Bray Wyatt right now. I do respect their decision of getting him out of the Money in the Bank match. Roman is really getting over by proving the fans that he worked for his spot in the company. He’s really got a Tommy Dreamer feel to him now where he gets close and then gets it taken away. You can’t do it too much but I like them building him to prove that he is worthy of main event contention.

Overall B-: WWE did a lot to make you curious for Monday Night Raw. What’s next for Kevin Owens after he tried to take out John Cena. Will Dean Ambrose try one more time to get in the main event and what will he do to get it done? How will the rest of the Authority react with Seth Rollins coming back into the fold? How will the new Money in the Bank winner Sheamus throw a monkey wrench into everything?

Should be interesting to see what happens in Cleveland.

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