The Dirty Sheets is reporting that several WWE contracts are coming up soon and WWE and those talents are expected to part ways. The names mentioned in the report are James Ellsworth, Mickie James, Hideo Itami, and several cruiserweight talents. They also say WWE is looking at releasing Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson who are signed to big money deals and have not delivered on their hype.

Classic’s Take – I have seen this site be correct on many things they report but some of the things in the article doesn’t add up. First Hideo Itami is rumored to be called up to the main roster for the cruiserweight division so I don’t see him getting called up and then his contract runs out a few weeks to months later. On Gallows and Anderson if WWE doesn’t see them delivering on a big money contract maybe it has more to do with how they have been booked then how they perform. They are a good tag team who even when they were tag team champions didn’t seem to get much of a push and more cases than not are used in a comedy role. On the rest of the names I wouldn’t doubt Ellsworth not being around for the long hall since he is character with a short shelf life which I have said since day one. Mickie is another name I could see gone because they have plenty of women signed to contracts and plenty more they can get for cheaper then a veteran like Mickie. For the unnamed cruiserweights it’s the same as Mickie they have talent signed who are in developmental and also can find people who would kill for an opportunity to work for WWE on the cheap. Only time will tell if any of this rumor is true but as wrestling fans we love rumors and will debate how true we find it until it comes true or not.


James Ellsworth and others likely to gone soon

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