Set for tonight’s Impact Wrestling:

Awesome Kong versus Gail Kim

Davey Richards versus DJ Z

The first teams fo opened the case mucks opened the case mucksr the one night TNA Tag Team Title Tournament will be announced. The tournament will happen two weeks on television with four teams qualifying for an Ultimate X Match

Bobby Lashley versus Bobby Roode versus Eric Young for the TNA World Heavyweight Title

Exclusive: Gail Kim on Facing Awesome Kong This Friday and Their Past Feud

The following is being reported around the Internet:

TNA are set to announce tours to India and China in late 2015.

According to a source within TNA, the deal to tour these countries is already signed and TNA is putting the final touches to a contract to visit Australia too.

At this time, it is unclear whether each country will host a multi location tour such as the UK Maximum Impact Tour each year nor whether the tours will happen concurrently but this is great news for TNA that they continue to grow their brand internationally.

More details will be released in the coming weeks.

This report has not been substantiated publicly by TNA or anyone employed by them. But if this is indeed true It’s pretty substantial for the brand and its international presence.

Their partnership with Sony Six is a pretty well documented. The company has done many tours of the subcontinent of India. They’ve had a few press events in Australia where they air programming on Fuel TV and Main Event there.

But the interesting one here is China. If they have signed a deal to tour the People’s Republic then they must have a television deal in place there. In doing a little bit of research, I found that Discovery Communications announced Qiu Suo last year. Qiu Suo, which is translated as “The search of knowledge”, is pay a channel with a selection of Discovery content in the country. One would wager to guess that TNA may be a part of that channel.

If TNA is able to get into China then it will be ahead of WWE who has struggled to break in to the worlds largest country.