When we launched PWPop.com last year, it was our vision to show the far-reaching influence of professional wrestling not only in our culture but in media as well. And admittedly I feel we haven’t been doing enough of that here on the website. So from time to time, I will feature a piece of content or a content creator you should check out.

This week, I’ve picked “Wrestling with Wregret” and Brian Zane’s ode to the Nintendo 64 classic No Mercy on its 15th anniversary of release. The song, a takeoff of the Stevie Wonder classic “I Wish”, talks about what is the gold standard to many in wrestling video games.

If the guy in the video looks familiar, you might’ve seen his videos that featured Jim Cornette in recent months. His videos “Cornette Gets It Wrong” and “Vince Russo Will Change Your Life” blew up within the Internet Wrestling bubble earlier this year. But Brian has been doing this for quite a few years.

I’ve devoured most of his videos which range from thoughts on wrestling topics, interviews reviews of wrestling products/films. One of my favorite features of his channel “Kayfabe Kitchen” has the man himself cooking recipes from the WWF cookbook. His channel is definitely worth a watch.

You can find more on Brian Zane and “Wrestling with Wregret” by checking out their YouTube page, Twitter, Facebook, and Dailymotion (where YouTube blocked episodes reside)

Wrestling with Wregret also has a Pro Wrestling Tees store which you can check out here.

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