Here are quick results for AAA’s World Cup of Lucha 2016 Night One:

Credit: LuchaBlog

Lady Apache, Mary Apache, Faby Apache defeated Cheerleader Melissa, Santana Garrett, Sienna (OK)
Lady Apache defeated Cheerleader Melissa in 5:45 via super armdrag

Aja Kong, Sumire Natsu, Yuki Miyazaki defeaated Allie, Taya, KC Spinelli (OK)
Aja Kong defeated KC Spinelli with a brainbuster in 7:32

Pentagon Jr., Texano Jr., Psycho Clown defeated Akebono, Masato Tanaka, Ikuto Hidaka (good)
initial trios match went to a 10 minute draw

Masato Tanaka versus Pentagon Jr. went to a 5 minute draw

Texano Jr. defeated Ikuto Hidaka with a side slam in 3:51

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Taiji Ishimori, Naomichi Marufuji, Maybach Taniguchi defeated Spud, Mil Muertes, Apolo (OK)
Marufuji beat Spud with a shiranui in 7:46

Cage, Johnny Mundo, Chavo Guerrero Jr. defeated Canek, La Parka, Blue Demon (OK)
Chavo defeated Blue Demon Jr. via frogsplash in 9:09

Rey Mysterio Jr., Dragon Azteca Jr., Dr. Wagner Jr. defeated Ethan Carter 3, Eli Drake, Tyrus (good)
initial trios went to a 10 minute draw

Dr. Wagner Jr. versus Eli Drake went to a 5 minute draw

Rey Mysterio versus EC3 went to a 5 minute draw

Dragon Azteca Jr. defeated Tyrus in 3:03 via 450 splash

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