There is a story out there being attributed to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer that says Destination America may be looking to use an out clause in the contract with TNA that allows them to back out of the current agreement this September to carry Impact Wrestling on their network. Whether this was actually said by Meltzer I don’t know. It is possible somebody extrapolated from what he said which is popular on most lesser news sites.

What we do know is this. Over the last few weeks, secondary shows “TNA’s Greatest Matches” and “TNA Impact Unlocked”, which premiered after the company’s debut on the network, have both been taken off the schedule.

And Impact itself is moving nights June 3 to Wednesday at 9 PM as Destination America feel that Friday is not a strong night for them during the summer months and they will lose audience. Add that to the fact that this week the company is airing 2014 Slammiversary as its network partner doesn’t want to air an episode on Memorial Day weekend and you can see where people are predicting the end once again.

However, TNA has TV tapings scheduled for the end of June going into July. You have Slammiversary 2015 on pay-per-view June 26. There is a live event for September 17 in York Pennsylvania. And Billy Corgan and Dixie Carter just tweeted about a creative meeting going into the next set of tapings. Not only to mention TNA’s eighth European tour was just announced for this coming January.

One would think that if Destination America was going to cancel Impact they would send out a press release as they’ve done in the past with previous announcements regarding the relationship with the company.

So do I think that Destination America is canceling TNA? No. Does that mean they’re entirely happy with their relationship with TNA thus far? No. But no television network really ever is for the most part. It seems like we just had this problem with Spike TV regarding TNA being canceled. And now it rears its ugly head again.

I know nothing about this for a fact but my guess is someone heard some information (perhaps the cancellation Of Impact Unlocked and Greatest Matches) and took it way out of context. Everyone else just seem to be piggybacking off the story because it gets them ad dollars and impressions on their chosen websites. Those who want TNA to go under don’t understand what that would mean for the talent and the personnel involved. Hopefully this story is nothing but the latest MacGuffin in terrible wrestling journalism.

TNA and Discovery PR probably will not have a happy morning as the story is trending on Facebook as I write this.

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