Well, what a difference a few hours makes. In case you missed it and I don’t know how you would. Destination America have announced that Ring of Honor will join Impact Wrestling beginning June 3 on Wednesday nights. And apparently those in TNA were completely unaware of this programming block.

It seems like things are looking up for ROH. They’re getting a semi-national deal from NESN, they are getting action figures, they have a pay-per-view coming up on June 19. And now a primetime spot on Destination America. It seems like the momentum has definitely shifted on who is the real number two company in the United States. Now don’t get it twisted. Destination America coverage is still the same it’s really no different than the syndicate deal Sinclair have but those who have destination America have an option to watch a company that seems to have fans support and less drama going on behind the scenes. It’s weird how the tables have turned that used to be TNA I remember back in 2005 where everybody was so excited for them to get on Spike TV.

This whole situation reminds me of one thing in 1999 ECW signed with TNN. For a few months the fledgling hard-core brand found a TV home. Sure they would have to promote Roller Jam and 18 Wheels of Justice but at least they would not be on at 1 AM and actually catch a national TV audience. However, it wasn’t months later that WWE left the USA Network and went to the newly rebranded TNN a.k.a. The National Network. Paul Heyman asked about getting out of this deal and TNN opening to have both brands coexist realizing that ECW did not give the ratings they wanted compared to the WWE juggernaut. They really chalked it up to experiment.

WWE gave them the leeway to keep ECW on the air but soon the company would pull the plug feeling that one wrestling show was enough.

Now in 2015, a new channel Destination America is having two shows try to bolster each other to make a destination program for wrestling fans. But if the rumors we’ve heard about Impact Wrestling’s cancellation is true then it may be more like training the new replacement instead of a two pack of wrestling.

These are the thoughts that are going through my head right now. My off-the-cuff often had thoughts. Call them cynical if you want. But given always heard in the last few days then I think I may be right on this one.

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