Hey everyone, welcome the summer. A quick blog talking about the premiere of “Ballers”.

The Rock had quite the day yesterday as not only did his film “San Andreas” broke $400 million worldwide at the box office but his HBO series “Ballers” premiered.

I saw the pilot episode of the new series and I want to give my thoughts. “Ballers” follows Spencer Strassmore, a former NFL player attempting to transition into being sports management, played by Dwayne Johnson attempting to manage current Pro players lives on and off the grid iron. The series produced both by Dwayne Johnson’s “Seven Bucks Productions” and “Leverage Management”, the company behind the series “Entourage”. Knowing this it’s understandable why the pilot is what it is it attempts to be a sports version of Johnny Chase and the boys. And in my opinion in the first episode it doesn’t really have that. It actually has more weight. The pilot begins in a dark place as Johnson’s character deals with a traumatizing moment from his career on the gridiron. A standout who had a reasonable career struggling to transition to the next stage of his life. Running out of money, running around in circles and running out of time. Within the first five minutes we already at a funeral of player in a car crash with his mistress.

This backdrop makes you realize that this is not going to be all bottle service, fast cars and championship rings. The series is going to look at more concrete things. Sure, they’re going to be moments of pure unadulterated stupidity. But hopefully, this will deal with more pressing issues going on in sports today concussions, injury, insanity and more. The series does have comedy with interaction between Dwayne Johnson and Rob Corddry which in my opinion is the highlight of the series. They seem to think that the wise talking Ricky Jarret played by John David Washington I really don’t think he should be based around. I think the show runners are making him this series version of Johnny Drama from Entourage as he’s on his last NFL contract and is rather temperamental. But he’s not a likable character unlike the goofy character played by Matt Dillon struggling for fame. It just doesn’t have the same notes.

There’s a chance that the show will find itself in later episodes but the pilot was in sports terms a sack to the quarterback and it has fourth and long before becomes a series worth watching. The era of the bro comedy has come and gone in my opinion. Hopefully it can prove me wrong.