I know there’s a lot of negativity right now when discussing the future of Impact Wrestling. With departures and contract talk taking the mind share of conversation with the company, it’s a shame that the television product often doesn’t get focused on. I’ve said for weeks that TNA’s in ring product is much better than it has been in years past. And last night’s episode that featured the first night of Ethan Carter as champion was the best show in months.

Ethan Carter without a doubt has been the shining star of TNA for the last few years. Between his personality, mic skills and overall character he stands head and shoulders above most everything in professional wrestling. It’s amazing that WWE had him under contract a few years ago and didn’t understand what they had. Maybe it’s not WWE’s fault. Maybe the release from WWE gave the man now known as Ethan Carter the motivation needed to really become something better than himself. He absorbed himself into the elitist character and really transformed the one note gimmick into something special. This really illustrates how personality a little bit of creativity and some wrestling skill can really take a mid-card talent and really make a star.

And that’s not to discredit TNA’s creative when it came to the character. The company protected Carter over the last year making smart decisions on how character was used and gave a performer the freedom to explore the depths of his own ingenuity. Say what you want to about other decisions TNA made over the years. This one they definitely have done right.

This week’s Impact shows how that investment is starting to pay off. I highly suggest everyone watch this week. The episode is really great not only for the stuff with the Ethan Carter but for other things as well. The pompous new champion makes a great focal point for TNA in my opinion. On the show they lay the groundwork for future challenges down the road. Add this with a great Jesse versus Robbie E Street Fight that had intensity that I was expecting to characters that were doing comedy a few months ago.

I am really interested to see where the company goes from here.