The lawsuit former WWE star Rene “Dupree” Goguen filed last week against WWE over royalties for WWE-related streaming royalties is already done, has confirmed.

Attorneys for Goguen filed a notice today with the United States District Court of Connecticut, informing the court they were voluntarily dismissing Goguen’s lawsuit against WWE. The court will still have to sign off on that, but for all intents and purposes, the lawsuit, as it was filed, is dead.

WWE attorney Jerry McDevitt told The Hollywood Reporter last week that an agreement Goguen signed in 2011 would prevent him from suing, but did not go into greater detail. It would appear based on today’s filing that McDevitt was indeed correct.

It should be noted that Goguen’s attorneys, when filing the motion, noted the lawsuit would be dismissed without prejudice, which would leave the door open for them to re-file down the line.