Hello everyone. We’re just hours from the Elimination Chamber special on WWE Network and pay-per-view. If you have been following the website for a few months you know I do report cards following pay-per-view events from WWE, TNA, ROH and others and the show is no different.

As I’ve done previously I’m getting the show on three different criteria: Fun, Spectacle and In Ring Work. Then, I will average those together to give an overall grade of the show.

Let’s begin with Fun.

Fun B +: WWE did a great job building interest going into the show given we only had two weeks notice that the event was even happening. Of course when you have the Elimination Chamber at your disposal and all the craziness within, it’s very easy to make an entertaining show. Whether it’s A rough on the bodies but it creates an environment that brings up everybody’s level of competition.

Spectacle B+: Each chamber match had its own personality with its own moments. The tag team match was just crazy as both Kallisto and Torito both climbed to the top of the Chamber doing their best John Morrison impression from 2011. While the Elimination Chamber for the Intercontinental Title had their own special little quirks with malfunctions surely planned with Mark Henry and Sheamus. I thought everyone worked hard and really trying to have a smash mouth fight. I don’t think it really got to where they wanted it to go.

Yet I thought everyone in the Chamber matches worked hard. I just wish they could’ve done more with the story in both matches. Maybe they could’ve played with the Xavier Woods being claustrophobic thing in the pods just to make the match feel more than just spots. But having a spot fest is in a bad thing

The Divas as always tried really hard but I think they didn’t have the momentum they should have considering the storylines involved. Where the heck was Tamina in all this? And how scary was that Naomi reverse rana on the raven haired lady?

I thought John Cena and Owens was what every dream match is supposed to be. Two super powers colliding bringing out the big guns and trying to prove that each one will not die. It will be interesting to see how they go into Money in the Bank.

Neville and Dallas did what they could considering what came before them. They can get so much more out of Dallas than they do.

I like the fact that Daniel Bryan kind of anointed Ryback as the new Intercontinental champion.Ryback seems to be really trying to up his game although not really sure if he will make his legacy with the Intercontinental title that John Cena has with the US title.

Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins will always be fun this from the personalities involved. I like the finish just because it creates a cliffhanger for tonight’s Monday Night Raw.

Ring Work B +: The thing about gimmick matches is there never really classic matches it’s more about the wow factor. And the Elimination Chamber is no exception. John Cena and Kevin Owens is no doubt the match of the night followed by Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. The weakest thing on the show is definitely the Divas Match not because the ladies didn’t try it just didn’t connect with the emotion they were playing into it. Neville and Bo Dallas were just a victim of card placement I think the crowd would’ve been more involved with them if this feud is more of a even playing field. Dallas is really lost in the shuffle.

Overall Grade B+, I thought the show was solid. Given its two-week build It could have been the modern-day version of Tuesday in Texas. But WWE really made something special. I think the reception of the show, particularly the Kevin Owens- John Cena match may see more interesting matchmaking going forward.

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