Justin Barrasso of SI.com is reporting that sources close to Anthem Media the parent company of Global Force Wrestling/Impact Wrestling that GFW has been hemorrhaging funds and they are ready to get out of the wrestling business.

Yesterday the company announced that Jeff Jarrett was taking an indefinite leave of absence from his position as Chief Creative Officer to focus on personal matters. Later in the day it was reported that it was Ed Nordholm (Executive Vice President, Anthem Sports & Entertainment) decision for Jarrett to take the leave. It also came out that Jarrett still owned the name Global force Wrestling so if Anthem does sell it would be Impact Wrestling not GFW.

The articles goes on to speculate that WWE would be high on the list of potential buyers for the tape library. As well as Billy Corgan who tried to buy the company before Anthem bought it from Dixie Carter. Corgan also earlier this year bought the rights to the NWA name. You would also thin that Jeff Jarrett would try to find investors to buy the company he founded with his father Jerry Jarrett and Bob Ryder.

It’s been less than a year since Anthem bought Impact Wrestling but with all the craziness behind the scenes with all the lawsuits, twitter wars, and rumored financial problems the best thing for wrestling is for Anthem to sell. Hopefully their is a place for all the talent on the roster to make a living whether it be a new owner keeping the company going, WWE, Ring Of Honor, New Japan Pro Wrestling, what ever Billy Corgan does with the NWA name, or another company that gets started out of the ashes of TNA.