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Veda Scott defeated Mary Dobson via pinfall. After the match Kelly Klein attacked Dobson and Whitmer proclaimed her as the best Women of Honor has to offer.

Before the event, Ring of Honor wrestling’s Twitter account released the following:

*Breaking News* @jaybriscoe84 is questionable for tonight’s match with @roderickstrong. It will be bell time decision.
4:08 PM – 5 Jun 2016 · Columbus, OH, United States

Jay Briscoe came out and told the crowd that he would not be able to compete. Roderick Strong, his opponent for the night came out and belittled Briscoe, heaping insults upon the injured star. Briscoe became so enraged that despite being injured, he vowed to take Strong on no matter what.

ACH beat Caprice Coleman after hitting a 450 splash off the tope rope.

Mark Briscoe defeated Stevie Richards via pinfall after hitting the Froggy-bow.

Beer City Bruiser beat Cheeseburger after hitting a modified death valley driver on Cheeseburger for the win. In a nice show of continuity, Bruiser’s crony Silas Young came out to berate Cheeseburger and ACH, who ran out to prevent Silas from hitting Misery on Cheeseburger. The two seem poised for a showdown at Best in the World.

The Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley) defeated the All Night Express (Rhett Titus and Kenny King) when Sabin pinned Kenny after hitting a Michinoku driver.

Jay Lethal beat Adam Page with a Lethal Injection despite outside interference from the Young Bucks.

BJ Whitmer came out to hype his match with Steve Corino at Best in the World. Crowd was all over him, he left without saying much.

Dalton Castle defeated Kamaitachi by pinfall with delayed German suplex/pin combination.

Adam Cole pinned Lio Rush for the win after what was said to be an unbelievable match, possibly the match of the weekend. As Adam Cole congratulated Rush after the match, the Young Bucks slipped into the ring and all three men threw Lio a superkick party for his efforts. The Motor City Machine Guns came down to even the odds.

No Disqualification match ROH World Tag Team Championship MatchThe Addiction (Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian) defeated War Machine (Hanson and Rowe) to retain the titles after outside interference from Keith Lee and Shane Taylor.

Roderick Strong defeated Jay Briscoe
Despite claims that he would not be able to wrestle, Briscoe came down to the ring nonetheless to take part in the main event, losing to Mr. ROH after being on the receiving end a suplex into a backcracker. Briscoe cut a promo hyping Best in the World to close the show.

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