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P-Dog & Rafael King v. Shane Taylor & Keith Lee

This pre-show match features local Texas talent getting a showcase. Taylor & Lee are two very large African-American men, while P-Dog is doing a Jack Evans/Grandmaster Sexay and King got a “Bruno Mars” chant to give you an idea of what he looks like.

P-Dog got on the mic and did a beatbox/freestyle. The crowd did not like this and told him so on a vulgar manner. He then got punched in the mouth.

Keith Lee showed exceptional athleticism for his size while Taylor played a more traditional big man.

The finish saw Taylor & Lee hit an assisted sit-out power bomb for the win!

WINNERS: Shane Taylor & Keith Lee

Match Two: Christopher Daniels v. Bobby Fish

Both guys are really over with the crowd. There was a lot of really great, fun back and forth may work early on.

Daniels got the advantage by using a distraction to kick Fish in the left arm and work it over the rest of the way.

Fish went for a moonsault and Daniels caught him in an arm submission for a close call on a submission. Daniels went for the Best Moonsault Ever and misses. They trade some hard kicks when Fish rolls him into a kneebar for the win!

WINNER: Bobby Fish

Match Two: Roderick Strong v. Moose

Moose threw one of the streamers in Strong’s face, which promoted Strong to jump him before the bell. Moose responded with a huge dropkick where all of the streamers balled up and went up with him as he connected.

As Moose was getting his usual chant for his fist pump, Roddy responded with a fist pump of his own to a “Roddy!” chant followed by and around the ring jumping knee.

Strong worked Moose over after getting the advantage. A fan in the front row got under his skin and Strong went out and got right in his face, but luckily nothing happened.

The story of the match was Strong trying to overwhelm Moose with constant kicks, chops and strikes, while Moose overcame it with sheer force and power.

Moose went for a boot on the outside, but Strong missed and Moose kicked Bobby Fish who was doing commentary on ringside. Fish began to pace around the ring. Strong pulled the ref in front of of him and used the distraction to hit a jumping knee and a Sick Kick, but Moose kicked out at ONE to a giant pop. Strong reacted quickly and hit three jumping knees, one without a knee pad, then the Sick Kick for the win. After the match, Fish jumped Strong but Strong bailed.

WINNER: Roderick Strong

BJ Whitmer out with House of Truth members Joey Daddieggo & Taeler Hendrix. He gets cut off by the crowd about thirty times before he says he is with the H.O.T. tonight because he took another payoff to let Joey take his spot. He then goes and joins the broadcast booth to show Mr. Wrestling 3 how it’s done.

SIX MAN MAYHEM: Joey Daddiego v. Adam Page v. Donovan Dijak (w/ Prince Nana) v. Frankie Kazarian v. Cheeseburger v. Dalton Castle

There’s a lot of action to call here, but the early highlights are everyone ducking out on Kazarian when he tried to tag out while thing to wrestle Castle and getting creeped out, and Cheeseburger and Castle playing the mirror game with each other. Then everyone getting a nut shot and agonizing in the ring together. But then they showed unity by all hitting Kazarian low.

Cheeseburger tried a plancha onto four of the guys but was caught. Dijak was NOT caught as he hit a springboard somersault plancha flooring everyone!

Dalton Castle got the win when he hit the Bang-A-Rang on Cheeseburger. After the match, Dijak and Daddiego continued their feud by fighting on the outside.

WINNER: Dalton Castle

Match Four: Kyle O’Reilly v. Matt Sydal

Some absolutely outstanding mat work between the two to start things out. Similar to the opener, but a little quicker and a little more crisp.

Sydal was going after the left leg of O’Reilly while Kyle was working on Sydal’s left arm. They continued to make this a slower paced, methodical mat battle. The crowd was a little quiet for this, but they were still appreciative of the work.

The two traded quick pinfall and submission attempts when Sydal went for the Shooting Star Press. O’Reilly made a quick decision and caught him out of the SSP into a triangle and transitioned into an arm bar for the win!

WINNER: Kyle O’Reilly

Match Five: Deonna Purrazzo & Amber Gallows v. Solo Darling & Mandy Leon

Purrazzo and Leon did good back and forth work early on before Darling and Gallows were respectively tagged in.

Purrazzo provided a quick distraction that let Gallows take advantage. It broke down into a fight outside with Gallows & Purrazzo doing good heel double team work.

They cut the ring off for Darling, but she got the hot tag to Leon and she cleared house for a bit before the double team work got the best of her. She was able to fight her way back and Leon got Gallows in a hangman’s submission for the win.

WINNERS: Solo Darling & Mandy Leon

Match Six: Adam Cole v. ACH

Cole did his usual “Adam Cole, Bay Bay!” taunt early on, so ACH responded with “ACH, Bay Bay!” to get under his skin. Cole called for a test of strength. ACH did the wind up with his arm, and when they clasped hands, Cole kicked him in the gut.

The two spilled to the outside. Cole tossed ACH toward the barricade, but ACH jumped up on it. Before he could do anything, Cole kicked his legs or from under him and ACH took a dangerous backwards tumble to the floor.

Back in the ring, Cole controlled the action until ACH countered an Irish whip with a vicious lariat, followed by an Exercist kip up to his feet. Very impressive stuff.

They went back to the floor, but when they came in, ACH ran into a super kick and a sliding Bomaye for a near fall.

ACH got Cole to the floor, and he finally hit the huge second rope somersault plancha for the biggest reaction of the night!

The two traded awesome near falls and had the crowd on fire. ACH had Cole primed for a German suplex when Cole pulled a Toru Yano and grabbed the referee and distracted him while crotching ACH with a backwards leg. He then hit the spinning brainbuster onto his knee for the win.

WINNER: Adam Cole

Match Seven: All Night Express (Rhett Titus & Kenny King), Silas Young & Beer City Bruiser v. The Briscoes & War Machine (Raymond Rowe & Hanson)

The match was pandemonium early on with brawling all over the place and dives by both Briscoes to the floor.

When the match came back in the ring, they got the heat on Mark before he made the hot tag to Jay. That didn’t last long as the match broke down again with everybody quickly coming in at some point.

One point should be made. Beer City Bruiser hit Hanson with a frog splash and it was amazing. Then Hanson hit a somersault plancha from the top rope to the floor on everyone and that was even more amazing.

Eventually, Bruiser was isolated and Mark hit him with the top rope frog elbow for the win. After the match, The Briscoes and War Machine got nose to nose to tease an eventual title match.

WINNERS: The Briscoes & War Machine

Match Eight: ROH World Heavyweight Champion Jay Lethal (w/ Taeler Hendrix) v. Lio Rush

Rush earned this shot by winning the Top Prospect Tournament. Usually, the winner gets a TV Title shot, but with Tomohiro Ishii in Japan, they gave him a World Title shot.

No Truth Martini as he’s still selling the Dijak injury.

Lethal acting very cocky early, very similar to Apollo Creed laughing off Rocky Balboa. That tune gradually changed as Rush was keeping up with the really fast paced chain wrestling.

Lethal kept laughing him off until Rush slapped him in the face. They fought into the corner where Lethal was enraged and stomped a mudhole in Rush to teach the young upstart some respect.

The match then became this: could Rush use his lightning, God given speed and agility to get in enough quick strikes on the veteran Lethal to win? He was making a great impression trying.

As the match wore on, Rush was throwing everything he had at him, but Lethal still remained cocky and acting as if he could finish it whenever he wanted. He kept telling Rush he was the best in the world. Rush was trying to get up and begging Lethal to keep coming at him. Lethal was yelling at him and slapping him. Rush responded with a flurry of slaps, and insane reverse Hurricanrana and a frog splash for a near fall!

Rush was trying for a top rope move when Lethal hit a top rope cutter and followed it up with a Lethal Injection for the win. Amazing match and a star maker performance for Rush.

Winner: Jay Lethal

Lethal got on the mic, but first shook the hand of the fallen Rush for a round of applause.

Lethal said he is the greatest wrestler in the world. He told Rush he’s really good and someday he may be better than him, but it’s not now. He said there are no challengers left because he has beaten everyone.

Out comes Colt Cabana returning to ROH! Colt got a “Welcome Back!” chant. He said he’s been here since 2002 and has seen them all: Aries, Punk, Dragon, Joe, Nigel and all of them. And while he was okay with his spot on the card, he believes he has to think about his legacy and doesn’t want to be known as someone’s friend anymore. He’s been fired and rejected, but everyone still wants to see him.

Jay cuts him off and says the people can’t make you the best, the belt does. He says Colt has been avoiding ROH for five years because he’s afraid of Lethal and because the entire locker room doesn’t want him here and neither do the fans whether they want to believe it or not.

Colt says they have been calling him since Cornette left the company but he said no because he wanted to see the world. But he got a phone call and this time around it’s different because he won’t be able to live with himself if he can’t wear the ROH Title.

Lethal left the ring and Hendrix slapped him. Colt told her to do it again because he likes her. Lethal got back in the ring and got in Colt’s face. Colt said, “you say there’s nobody left, Jay? Well now there is.”

Excellent promo by Colt to establish him as a serious contender.

MAIN EVENT: Motor City Machine Guns v. The Young Bucks

Wouldn’t you know it? Matt Jackson told The Guns to “suck it” quite a few times at the beginning of the match.

The match turned into a showcase of a lot of fast, high impact double team moves. And a lot of superkicks.

The Bucks cut the ring off on Shelley and kept control of the match. That changed when Matt went for a baseball slide kick through the second ropes onto Shelley, but he moved and kicked Nick. Shelley got the hot tag and Sabin went to work.

The match broke down and both sides got in a lot of offense. This included superkicks all around, leading Shelley & Matt to get tangled by the leg and each get dropped with superkicks by their respective opponent.

The finish came when The Young Bucks hit Shelley with the Meltzer Driver!

WINNERS: The Young Bucks

After the match, The Addiction jumped The Bucks until The Briscoes made the save. Daniels then ate a four way superkick from The Guns & The Bucks. Then he ate a six way one from The Guns, The Bucks & The Briscoes!

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