Hey everyone. I want to apologize for not doing a Raw column yesterday. Sunday doing coverage of New Japan Dominion and Money in the Bank really tired me out. But it looks like in the way of news it actually worked out quite well. Monday’s Raw from Phoenix, Arizona definitely set up a lot of things for Battleground on July 24 in Washington DC but Tuesday brought its own interesting twists to all that.

The biggest news of the last 24 hours is of course is the 30 day suspension of former WWE Champion Roman Reigns. This came just 12 hours after the Battleground triple threat main event between all three former members of The Shield would be facing off for the title. And while this is definitely inconvenient for WWE it’s not exactly altogether a deal breaker.

Somebody pointed out in her PW Pop Facebook group that the 30 days would be up the Thursday before the pay-per-view so I don’t think WWE has to exactly change the main event.

But it does affect how Roman is perceived in the eyes of WWE management. This could actually be a blessing instead of a curse.

I’m not going to condemn Reigns for getting suspended. As we don’t know the nature of why he was popped. WWE’s wellness policy is tricky at times considering protein supplements. But it is just terrible timing as I think he is finally starting to grow as a character. This actually could help Reigns character in the eyes of some fans as he would be seem less as the corporate choice and more as a rebel.

Many have theorized that is why Roman lost the title at Money in the Bank. And that very well could be but it gave us the Dean Ambrose cash in on Seth Rollins. It’s reasonable to think that WWE knew about the violation for least a week. And they made sure that they would be left holding the bag in Roman’ s absence. Other than live events, I don’t think WWE will be hurting that much without Roman. With the Wyatts return, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose in the main event picture and John Cena on events I think WWE will be okay. And this gives Roman a chance to go away for a little while so fans can appreciate his actual talent. This can be better for all involved as Reigns can come back as a more angry Samoan badass. Rollins and Ambrose can carry the feud by themselves for the next few weeks.

But it does ask the question with this violation depending on what it is how soon if ever will Reigns be considered “The Guy” again by WWE? My answer is most likely six months. Reigns has already apologized for getting the violation on social media. Next step is to just go radio silent for the next month until his return. If I were him I would get a more grizzled look for his return. Maybe it’s even time to lose the Shield Kevlar vest. Once he returns have him go crazy on both Ambrose and Rollins. Go full disenfranchised heel with an angry promo and you’re off to the races.

Before this violation, everyone was talking about former Divas champion Paige being taken to the hospital by the police in Las Vegas. Pictures floating around of the 23-year-old in handcuffs following Sunday’s Money in the Bank. I will be honest I’m not going to condemn her either. Being a celebrity in the era of fervent social media the pressures are really intense. And that scrutiny can make or break the best young minds. Think about the ruin that would happen to legends like Ric Flair if Twitter existed in the 1970s and 80s given the exploits of Roddy Piper and the Nature Boy.

Do you have to be careful? Sure. But I think we all have to understand as fans people are people. Sometimes there are people that like to revel in the misfortune of others. And I don’t see the point in that. Mistakes are made and often magnified in today’s Internet culture. Looking at what WWE did on Raw with Paige and Charlotte I think the company still sees merit in the English diva. She was in the background in the conduit to get to Sasha Banks being a legit against Dana Brooke and showing Charlotte what’s up.

A lot of the build for Battleground thus far is quite interesting to say the least. Titus O’Neil turned up the heat on The Bulgarian Brute which I liked. John Cena showed super intensity against AJ Styles and the Club. And Sami and Kevin Owens had one hell of a battle. I like Natalya and Becky Lynch as those to have found a new gear to keep themselves fresh. WWE deftly have a lot going on heading into the summer and it will be interesting to see how everything shakes out with the return of Randy Orton in August.

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