The Dirty Sheets that the Dolph Ziggler storyline involving the United States Championship is due to his contract being up and WWE giving him a storyline for when or if he returns and signs a new contract. They also go on to say that his contract originally expired in October and signed a short term extension. The report says when his contract ended in October Shinsuke Nakamura set up contract negotiations for Dolph with New Japan Pro Wrestling to work the role Chris Jericho is in now against Kenny Omega. The report ends saying that Dolph is deciding between the money and celebrity that comes with WWE or working for New Japan because he believes if he does not go now he will never wrestle anywhere but WWE.

On the United States title front The Dirty Sheets report that the plan is for Jinder Mahal to win the tournament for the championship and to feud with Bobby Roode.

Further “exclusive” information about Dolph Ziggler’s future

Current plans for WWE US Championship