Rumor & Innuendo is where I give my take on the news that is silly, crazy, or get mangled by going through so many different websites that you don’t even know how or if a credible source even reported it.

– WWE would have no issues in getting CM Punk back into the company’s fold because everyone comes back eventually no matter how bad the situation when they left. Of course WWE and CM Punk would make a lot of money if he came back to wrestle but I don’t see Punk coming back anytime in the near future where they can use him as a wrestler. Punk doesn’t seem like the guy who forgives and forgets. Now some might say there is nothing to forgive but to Punk he was slighted. I’m not saying there is no chance he comes back but if I made bets on wrestling I would bet if he wrestles again it won’t be in WWE and it won’t be for a pay day but because he wants to end his wrestling career on a better moment than how it ended with WWE.

– Kevin Owens lost the United States Championship because WWE wanted to change his character because they have to many anti American guys on Smackdown with Jinder Mahal and Rusev. First off Owens could change his “new face of america” character without losing the championship. Now sure it’s not the best way to go to just end the gimmick while still being champ but you could have let the gimmick run its course before taking the title off him. Second you didn’t have to bring Rusev back bashing America when you already had Mahal and Owens doing it. You could have brought him back as anti Smackdown and not wanting to be there like they played out on social media after the Superstar Shake Up while he was recovering from his injuries. Or maybe as crazy as this sounds the plan all a long was for AJ Styles to win the title and instead of waiting till Battleground they decided to get people talking and have people thinking anything can happen at a live event so they have to be there live to see what happens.

– WWE officials backstage are in two minds over Roman Reigns defeating Brock Lesnar to win the Universal Championship at WrestleMania 34 because his merch sales taking a dip coupled with the increase in boos he garners at live events. First off the guy who reported this even said take this with a grain of salt. Why would you report something that you are the first to report and say that? It’s not a report it’s just your speculation and that ain’t news that is just trying to get people to notice you by saying what a group of fans want to hear. We are still more than 250 days away from WrestleMania so of course plans can change due to injury or just because WWE creative can change their mind in an hour so just imagine how many times they could change the main event of WrestleMania 34? Plus Reigns Vs. Lesnar is just a rumor and who knows if that is the plan at all.

– Anthem has outrageous demands to settle the “Broken” gimmick fight with the Hardy’s and they are just stalling in the hopes of dissuading the Hardys from pursuing the matter any further. I don’t believe for one second that they think stalling will get the Hardy’s will stop pursuing the matter. I could see them stalling hoping at some point WWE says okay we want to do this so let’s give them some money and move on. I see why Anthem and Jarrett think they deserve something but too me the best thing they could do is just let the Hardy’s do what they want now with the gimmick but they should have the right to use the footage they have and make money off that. They say they changed the name of the company to Global Force Wrestling to get away from the negativity of the TNA name but you aren’t making people look at GFW any better.

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