Another day and more wrestling Rumors & Innuendo to go over. This is where I give you the story that is being floated around online and then give my take on it.

– Enzo Amore has major heat backstage steaming from an incident on a tour bus that upset several people which lead to Roman Reigns kicking him off the bus and not allowing him to dress in the locker room. It’s also said that Enzo is upset over WWE breaking him and Big Cass up. They never said what was so bad that got him kick off the bus but rumors have been that he rubs many superstars the wrong way. Enzo the character is not suppose to be far off from Enzo the person so I can see him having heat. I also see why he would be upset over being split from his tag partner since how many guys his size does WWE push? Enzo could be a credible mid-card guy with his gift of gab and how they book him as the little guy with a big heart that never gives up. Hopefully in the future his fighting for the IC or US Championship and not some joke comedy character with no chance of being more than the court jester of WWE.

There is also heat on Big Cass for being a Donald Trump supporter and many in the locker room not sharing his view. This to me is a stupid reason for heat because the wrestlers are there to entertain the fans and get paid very well for doing it. The locker room shouldn’t care what his political views are just like he shouldn’t care what their views are. The only politics in wrestling should be trying to make it up the card and getting a better spot. The lesson here is never talk politics and religion at work or you might get heat with your co-workers.

– Battleground ticket sales are not where WWE would like or expect from a show in Philadelphia where the show takes place. The online sites speculate the low sales on 3 championship rematches and people not expecting much from the Punjabi Prison Match main event due to people remembering how lackluster the previous two matches were. I never understand blaming rematches because wrestling is based on feuds which mean multiple matches between the feuding parties. Throw in the fact it’s not like Uso’s/New Day. AJ Styles/Kevin Owens, and Jinder Mahal/Randy Orton previous matches have been good to better. On to the blame to the Punjabi Prison past not being great you have to remember the two matches. The first one between Undertaker and The Big Show wasn’t the schedule match not that replacing Big Show with Great Khali would have been better but it was towards the last year of Show’s first run with WWE and he wasn’t having great matches with anyone. The second match was between Khali and Batista so I don’t think I have go any further to explain why that wasn’t good. I’m not saying the third one will be the charm but it Mahal and Orton have worked well together so let’s not judge before we see the end product. Maybe before we blame the matches schedule we look at what has happened the past few times in Philadelphia WWE has been there or look at other things going on the night of the show in the area.

– Some online report that it looks as if John Cena is going to have the Universal Championship match at WrestleMania whether it be Brock Lesnar or Roman Reigns. We are around 267 days away from WM34 which means we will see many more time it switches who will be squaring off in the main event of the show. My belief on the subject is the way they have booked Roman Reigns at WrestleMania in his career he will be facing Brock Lesnar and John Cena sooner than later and beating both. If he doesn’t beat Brock one on one before Mania 34 he will on that show. Now when he faces off against Cena who knows if they will hold off until WrestleMania 35 or sooner but it will be a major show and it will be a huge moment.

– Some in Global Force Wrestling want Alberto El Patron fired and some want him to stay. I don’t know what goes on between Alberto and Paige but I do know no man should ever hit a woman and if he has physically harmed her or any woman he shouldn’t have a job with GFW. That goes for every wrestler. Personally I would have never hired him in the first place. I don’t think he is a draw, his been fired by WWE twice the second less than a year after he was re hired, and when he did get his job he left Lucha Libre AAA and Lucha Underground high and dry. Throw his rants about being up people who he use to work for or with and that is someone I don’t trust being one of the faces of my company.

– Do you remember last week when word was that New Japan was looking to do another show in the USA WrestleMania 34 weekend in New Orleans? Now the same source is saying maybe they won’t do anything that weekend. This is another one of those rumors that will probably change 100 times between now and when it is officially announced or it gets to the point where it’s to close to that weekend to throw a show together. Personally if I end up in New Orleans that weekend I hope they are there but if I’m not I’ll be fine either way.

If you like wrestling rumors and want to find some for yourself here are some places to check out. Some places to get their juicy stuff you have to pay for it or you may not know if that is what they really said but that is where most of my material comes from. Or just search wrestling rumors and you will find so many sites you won’t be able to go to them all.