I’m back with another article where I take the simple, over the type, or just the plan where do they get this shit rumors and give my thoughts on them.

– The current plan is for Jinder Mahal to lose the WWE Championship at SummerSlam or the September Smackdown Live pay-per-view/network special.
First off there is no September Smackdown Live pay-per-view schedule so that part of the rumor can’t be true. We will find out this Tuesday who gets the title shot at SummerSlam between John Cena and Shinsuke Nakamura. I think that Mahal will ruin this match setting up a three way for the biggest party of the summer since all 3 men are on the poster for the show. Unfortunately I do believe that Mahal will be losing the championship at SummerSlam even though I think he has been a great heel and has done a better job than anyone expected before he won the championship.

– WWE has already soured on Mike & Maria Kanellis(Bennett).
They don’t go into why the company may have soured on the pair already. Things don’t look great with Mike losing at Battleground and then taking the pin in his tag match on Smackdown. I personally like the power of love gimmick and think in time they can be important heels in the company. It may not lead to a main event push but they can become top mid carders with more in the future if you keep the gimmick going and make the duo seem more than just the Smackdown version of Miz and Maryse. The sad thing is it just shows how quickly WWE can turn on a wrestler or pair just because it doesn’t get the reaction they thought in the first few weeks.

– The AJ Styles/Kevin Owens Battleground finish was planned or not planned debate.
This rumor has gone back and forth all week from being the plan all along to changing sometime during the match. One of the funnier rumors is that they changed the finish because of Chris Jericho’s return on Tuesday. You can’t tell me the match started and before it ended Jericho called and say I’ll be back Tuesday so WWE said okay let’s have Owens win now just to lose it back on Tuesday. I do believe the finish was messed up in some way just because it didn’t flow but I don’t think that AJ went out thinking he would win and then lost without knowing it was coming. WWE may change bookings and storyline on the fly but I can’t see them being so unprofessional doing a finish that one of their top stars had no clue was coming.

– Shane McMahon will have a match against Kevin Owens at SummerSlam.
Sean Waltman has helped this one saying when he was at tv a few weeks back you could tell Shane was gearing up for a match since he was getting back into shape like he was at Mania. Throw in the interaction between him and Owens over the past few weeks and everything points to a match is coming. First if it happens I’m sure it will be like Shane and AJ from Mania and be a fun match with both guys working their butts off to give everyone watching a show. Second it will say WWE believes in Owens because a match with a McMahon is a big deal in the eyes of Vince and the WWE no matter if fans don’t feel the same way.

– WWE recently trademarked Taboo Tuesday leading to speculation that the pay-per-view might be coming back.
Yes Taboo Tuesday was a pay-per-view in the past but not everything WWE trademarks is used. Now let’s think about this for a second and realize Tuesday is when Smackdown Live is on and do you really think they would put a PPV/network special on against one of their own shows? The answer is no they wouldn’t compete against themselves. Maybe the more logical answer if they do use the trademark is that they tag a Smackdown episode Taboo Tuesday and like the past PPV have the fans vote on the matches. With Smackdown not having a PPV/network special in September I could see them having a bigger than usual Smackdown sometime in September and use Taboo Tuesday tag to the show to make people think it’s a can’t miss show.

– Kenny Omega possibly going to WWE.
This comes from the Jim Ross podcast where he asked Dave Meltzer if Kenny would head to WWE in January. Dave basically said he didn’t know but he thought it depended on if the New Japan USA expansion goes well and his the top guy or if it doesn’t go well if he likes his spot in the company. Omega has said for the past few years he likes the idea of being the best to never work in WWE besides a brief developmental contract back in the day. When ever he says that I believe he is working to get the best contract possible from the WWE down the line and is just waiting for his name to be as big as possible to get the most value possible. If he is the top guy for New Japan in the United States he will be worth more than any outside WWE talent since the Monday Night War. I think Kenny will be working for New Japan in 2018 but come 2019 he will finally sign a deal with WWE.

– People on Twitter calling for Brian James AKA Road Dogg Jesse James to be fired from WWE as head of the creative team for Smackdown.
It’s funny how someone who was praised for months after the WWE Draft for making Smackdown the top show with less talent than Raw is now the scapegoat for fans on Twitter. To be fare to the fans yes Raw has been the better show and Smackdown has taken a step back from where they were. To act like Smackdown has been complete shit the past few months though is ridiculous. I think the main problem is people aren’t happy with things not being the way they want. They don’t like a “jobber” in Jinder Mahal as champion and want their guy to be champ. People don’t understand just because he is head of Smackdown creative does not mean he has final say in what goes on each show. Remember at the end of the day good or bad Vince McMahon has the final say in creative and all things Raw and Smackdown.

– WWE does not want to talk to Rey Mysterio because Konnan is acting as Rey’s business manager.
For the past few weeks rumors have been going around that Rey has been in negotiations with WWE and GFW since his Lucha Underground contract is up after the 3rd season is done being shown. Now reports have WWE even though they would love to bring Rey back they want nothing to do with Konnan. If WWE really wants Mysterio back in the fold I don’t see Konnan being involved stopping them or they would just go to Rey and say we will talk with you but not Konnan. The rumor also says Rey wants to go back to WWE. My guess is the next time we see Rey in a wrestling ring on national tv it will be for the WWE no matter who negotiates his contract.

– Braun Strowman and Karen Jarrett had an incident a few weeks ago after Raw in Nashville at a bar.
There are multiple reports on this situation one being as simple of a loud argument between two drunk people too as detailed as Karen asking for an autograph for her son because Braun was his favorite wrestler leading to him cursing her out and saying no which leads to her saying she would tell her son’s father Kurt Angle which lead to Braun begging on his knees for her not to tell him. This is a crazy story which sounds like people drinking leading to a bigger deal than it should have been. It’s hard to believe to think Braun would get on his knees and beg for forgiveness but anything is possible. I believe that it’s as simple as two drunk people getting loud over a misunderstanding and websites taking something that could be juicier so they make it that way to get people to check their site out (I guess you can include me in that since I brought it up). This is one of those crazy rumors that really has nothing to do with the business but since it involves two people who play characters for wrestling companies let’s put it out there because no one life is private once they put themselves out there.