Let’s have some fun and go over some of the rumors & innuendo that doesn’t have a lot to them besides floating around online and sound good. Sure most news in wrestling is rumor until it is proven as fact but these stories just have a different feel then when you read story with multiple sources.

– First up is a couple Kurt Angle rumors. As anyone who watched Raw knows we are going to find out about the text messages Kurt and Corey Graves have been getting that as they put it could ruin his career. Must people have speculated that it will have to do with an affair with Stephanie McMahon and even some rumors that it will have something to do with Dixie Carter which to me sounds silly because how many people watching Raw know who she is? Another rumor reported by Sportskeeda.com is that it will be revealed that Kurt has illegitimate child who happens to be a wrestler on the Smackdown Live roster. They go to speculate it would be Chad Gable I’m guessing since he has an amature wrestling back ground as well. I’m not sure what Angle’s announcement is but they have me wanting to find out what it is.

Speaking of Angle there are rumors from CageSideSeats.com that Kurt will wrestle sooner then WrestleMania 34. Of course him wrestling a match have been rumor & innuendo since he came back.

– Since we have already talk about Ms. Dixie Carter let’s go to CageSideSeats where there is speculation she will appear on Raw this Monday live from Nashville. Which she has teased on twitter and a SI.com interview. My take is I’d be shocked if we see the former owner of TNA on Monday Night Raw.

CageSideSeats.com also says there is speculation that there will multiple multi-person matches on SummerSlam this year and 2 to 3 Kickoff Show matches. Both are not shocking since WWE likes to get as many people on the big 4 pay-per-views and they had 3 Kickoff Show matches last year.

Fightful.com is reporting that Brock Lesnar was very happy with his match with Samoa Joe, particularly thrilled that Joe was able to keep up with his physical style and was able to give it back. This one just makes me laugh because it doesn’t seem like Brock would care about his matches as long as he gets his pay check but maybe that shows how impress he is with the Samoan Submission Machine.

CageSideSeats also says that Global Force Wrestling did triple the buys for Slammiversary this year compared to last. I could see this being true but I can also see GFW inflating how much better they did compared to last year to continue to bury the previous regime in charge.

– Finally from CageSideSeats.com is reporting there’s renewed talk of WWE bringing in Adam Cole and War Machine to NXT. Personally I hope this is true because Adam Cole could be a big deal in NXT and WWE down the line. Plus I’m a huge Cole fan BAYBAY!!! Throw in War Machine showing up to feud with Authors of Pain and Sanity and strengthen the tag team division sounds like a good idea to me.