Another week is almost over which means we have a week’s worth of rumors that slipt through the cracks to go over and give my take on.

– Some officials in WWE were not happy with the Mae Young Classic because they feel all women in WWE should be hot and felt a lot of the women were not good looking enough for WWE standards.
This is the most disgusting rumors I’ve seen over the week. I’m not shocked at all that there are some people in WWE who feel this way. I would bet there are some in the company who would want all swimsuit models who want to be famous over women who work their butt’s off to be a WWE Superstar. I’m not saying all models won’t work hard to become a great wrestler just look at Trish Stratus. I want the best wrestlers to be used not the “hottest”. As the saying goes “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” so I guarantee that every women in the tournament will have their share of admires not just for their looks but also for their skill in the ring. The more different looks and styles you have the better for the product. Variety is the spice of life and what is best for business. Finally if any WWE officials actually feels this way I’d like them to take a minute and look deep inside and figure out if they want to be judged on how they look or who they are as a person and how well they do their job.

– Sasha Banks on Tumblr this week posted “Two more years left! New beginnings coming”. Which lead to people speculating it had to do with here WWE contract and future with the company.
First off who knows what the statement had to do with but of course let’s jump to conclusions she is leaving WWE in 2 years because that is what we do as wrestling fans. Do I see her leaving WWE in two years? No because it’s what she wanted to do most of her life and it’s not like there are options outside of WWE to make the same kind of living long term in wrestling. All I know for sure is like with all wrestlers I enjoy watching work, I’m going to enjoy her work as long as I can and when it’s over I’ll remember all the entertainment she brought.

– The speculation of the Cris Cyborg and Becky Lynch Twitter war of words is because there is something already worked out for Cyborg to appear at SummerSlam.
I don’t get this one if it is true because what does Cyborg do for you? She isn’t bringing in higher ratings or getting people to buy the Network. The only reason to bring her in is to put over Becky which I don’t see her doing unless she gets a big pay day or if she wants to transition into wrestling. When it comes down to it I only want to see celebrities or athletes come into wrestling for a match or even an appearance who follow or even better have a passion for the business.

– WWE and NBC are in negotiations to bring back Saturday Night’s Main Event as an occasional special.
I put this on so all the adults who were kids like me at the time and loved watching Saturday Night’s Main Event can mark out a little. It would be pretty cool but I think this is more of dream than reality.

– The plan is to get The Revival into the Raw tag team championship picture sooner than later.
This is one of those rumors when you read it and say, DUH! You don’t have a team go over the New Day and the Hardy Boyz without big plans. Then again you would have thought that American Alpha would be in the tag team championship hunt for a long time but they were barely used for months and now not a tag team after about a year on the main roster.

– WWE had it down between Jason Jordan and Chad Gable as Kurt Angle son and picked Jordan at least in part as a rib on Kurt for his history of dating black women.
This sounds like complete crap to me. Let’s not get into how stupid it would be to build a storyline for weeks just to have the reveal be a rib partially or not. Maybe they picked Jordan because between him and Gable, his the one who could use a mouthpiece and a mentor to help try and bring out more personality to make him more than just a good wrestler and a well rounded sports entertainer.

– Speculation on if there are plans to bring in Rock for WrestleMania 34.
This rumor will be around for every WrestleMania until there is no longer a Mania or when Rock is too old to travel to the show. All I know is as long as Rock is the hottest or one of the hottest actors in the world we won’t see another Rock match do to insurance reasons but there is always a chance he shows up’s and cuts a promo and hit a Rock Bottom and a People’s Elbow on some jabroni.

– SAnitY or Luke Harper & Erick Rowan could be the one’s behind the attacks on Breezango.
After all the teases of which team have been going after Tyler Breeze & Fandango there aren’t many choices left. I always thought it would end up being American Alpha but WWE put an end to that thought after Monday. I don’t see them bringing up SAnitY since they teased a feud with Authors Of Pain last week on NXT. I’m all for it being Harper & Rowan because I liked them as a team in the past and it’s not like they are doing anything with them as singles wrestlers. With American Alpha no longer a tag team and Primo apparently out with injury Smackdown needs some tag teams so why not put together the former Wyatt Family members who could be a dominate team.