PW Insider reported the following:

Ryback, who lost to WWE United States champion Kalisto last night during the WWE Payback Kickoff Show, is not at Raw in St. Louis tonight.

The word making the rounds, according to multiple sources, is that Ryback was sent home and will be, as of this writing, off TV indefinitely. One version of the story is that Ryback himself asked to be pulled from TV.

Ryack’s contract with the company expires this summer and the two sides have been, according to several sources, at odds over negotiations for a new contract.

Ryback first worked for WWE in 2004 as part of The Million Dollar Tough Enough season that was integrated into Smackdown. He was signed to WWE developmental in 2006 and debuted on the first season of WWE NXT. After extended time off TV due to a badly broken angle, he returned as the current incarnation of Ryback and has been a regular on the main roster, and at times a PPV main eventer, since.

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